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  1. I have been meaning to get new glasses!

  2. I heard that Martin wants to do stuffs with yer ma?

  3. I keep asking and its like, no theres not enough staff... and itll come to end of february and they'll be all ZOMGYUNOUSELEAVE.... bleh. I just need to keep asking constantly and I will eventually get it used lol

  4. I love your profile too! Nice contrast going on! \o/

  5. I'm not Irish you looney bin.

  6. I've got 1.8 hours over you (bejewelled twist!!) bahahaha.

  7. jealous of ma tan right?

  8. lo do you even know me at all, I am innocent :P

  9. Martinnnnnniiiiiii <3

  10. not good enough ess seee geeeeeeeeeeeee! :heh:

  11. om nom nom nom.

  12. Purple and yellow? Oh dear.:heh:

  13. so we listen to the same music but yours is good and mine is poor.... Well that's logical.. :heh:

  14. the blue is burning my eyes dude. Sort. It. Out. :heh:

  15. Truths. My eyesight is awful. But I'm not colour-blind! xP

  16. wheres ma tuna? x

  17. Yeah I get that a lot, well did, with my psoriasis. I thought I was the only one who shuddered at the thought! Definitely not having kids. Gonna be the local cat lady I reckon! And can you get me laser eyes plz kkthanx xx