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  1. woooooooo. you. :P


    Your theme makes my eyes happy, prettyful! ^^;

  2. You are the expert too! :D



  3. You were right about Haruhi being awesome! :P


    p.s - Your page makes my eyes hurt somewhat. xD

  4. YOU'RE IT.



  5. lock ittttt

    1. darksnowman


      and the key??

    2. Raining_again


      throw it away you wont be needing it

    3. darksnowman


      🔐 🗝 🚮

  6. stalkin yer profile :laughing:

    1. darksnowman


      Vote raining_again

    2. Raining_again


      I'm town, i swear!! it's a conspiracy!

      Vote: darksnowman

  7. *is the devil's advocate*

  8. Absolutely. :awesome:

  9. AS long as you don't steal jaysevens eyes, because that would be worse! x

  10. Aye I think so but it took me having to format windows ¬_¬

  11. beep beep toot toot miooow. :)

  12. burt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. can anyone say adorable? ^___^

  14. essss seeeee geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  15. gaggle64 is now it, so you better keep away from heeeeem.

  16. Haha, you know I'm only kidding ;) <3

  17. hahaha :D i'm not too bad, how are you? :)

  18. hehe sounds awesome, i hope they have special powers of evil, or something. :heh:

  19. Heyyy :D I saw yer reply on the Relationship thread, but its gone a few extra pages over so I'll reply here. I was lifting until the start of this year, sadly i had to stop due to various health problems :( I miss it a lot!

  20. Hi welcome to the forum :smile:

  21. I added you on Skype :) (hannata86)

  22. I admit I was rather worried boutchuuu. Don't they say change is as good as a holiday? :P xx

  23. I always think I need a holiday to get over a holiday! I have 11 days leave to use by end of march and THEY WONT LET ME HAVE ITTTTT. :(

  24. i don't think you're ready for this jelly :p