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  1. what about shiren though


  2. *poke*


    Hello my dear friend, haven't seen you in a while, you fallen down the bog or something.... ?


    Much loves x

  3. african blood is better than your dirty stinkin asian blood :P



  4. ahh that's good, would be nice to see you about msn more often *BIG BLOODY HINT* :heh:


    Hope all is well for you, glad you didn't fall down the bog, lol xx

  5. do eeeet naaaaaaaaaaaaaow.


    (has no idea what's going on)



  6. eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic <3



  7. hahah that is too awesome. Cats ftw :D



  8. Hello over there

    *waves* :D

  9. Hey suckah.


    You're IT.


    No tagbacks.

  10. I do believe I have found the BEST PICTURE EVER.


    David Tennant and a kitten.

  11. I gave it a lookseee! and I got my lazyOaf things in the post. :D:D:D:D


    *is wearing happyface badges*


    YOU BETTER GET THAT JOBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!! (nopressure!)


  12. I need some kittehs and earl grey stat!!!! miow miow toot toot


    Beanie managed to wriggle under the kitchen cabinets today so my dad decided to cut him a proper hole as there's nothing in there to harm him. He is never flipping out of there now.. lol.


    p.s how are you my lovely? :)

  13. I think you like ocelots way too much :P however they are awesome.


    Earl grey earl grey! miow.


    We did a trail of treats to get him out one night and I managed to get a snap of him poking his head out of the hole... so much cuteness. will upload and show you sometime soon :P


    toot toot beep beep xx



    Don't go breakin my heaaaaartttt </3

  15. i'm nearly always on msn... you the one that aint...!


    You can stare at my chat box window!!! who needs real ones x

  16. oh man you've missed a lot then! :D


    Shame on you, you're no h&a fan after all!! :heh:

  17. Send your goons around to sort my boss out would ya? :heh:

    You are mega whyzaphon(!) dude. Thanks for all the support and kind messages ^___^






  19. TAG


    YOU ARE IT!!!


    (no tag back kkthnxbai) :heh:

  20. to threaten you :P


    Haven't spoken to you in donkies x

  21. very well sir, I shall play your little game.



  22. why thank you :P


    I think I may just refrain from posting and enjoy the nice round number. mmm 5k =D


    p.s your profile is very....dotty. I approve!