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  1. essss seeeee geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Aye I think so but it took me having to format windows ¬_¬

  3. You are the expert too! :D



  4. do eeeet naaaaaaaaaaaaaow.


    (has no idea what's going on)



  5. burt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. *is the devil's advocate*

  7. Send your goons around to sort my boss out would ya? :heh:

    You are mega whyzaphon(!) dude. Thanks for all the support and kind messages ^___^

  8. why thank you :P


    I think I may just refrain from posting and enjoy the nice round number. mmm 5k =D


    p.s your profile is very....dotty. I approve!

  9. eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic <3



  10. I gave it a lookseee! and I got my lazyOaf things in the post. :D:D:D:D


    *is wearing happyface badges*


    YOU BETTER GET THAT JOBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!! (nopressure!)


  11. Haha, you know I'm only kidding ;) <3

  12. Truths. My eyesight is awful. But I'm not colour-blind! xP

  13. You were right about Haruhi being awesome! :P


    p.s - Your page makes my eyes hurt somewhat. xD

  14. woooooooo. you. :P


    Your theme makes my eyes happy, prettyful! ^^;

  15. Hello over there

    *waves* :D

  16. I love your profile too! Nice contrast going on! \o/

  17. so we listen to the same music but yours is good and mine is poor.... Well that's logical.. :heh:

  18. I have been meaning to get new glasses!

  19. Absolutely. :awesome:

  20. the blue is burning my eyes dude. Sort. It. Out. :heh:

  21. Purple and yellow? Oh dear.:heh: