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  1. Reviews

    i almost always read reviews afterwards, not that i'm bothered too much about spoilers, but I don't want to go in feeling a certain way about it and lean into that. Sometimes I feel like watching a review afterwards is not unlike chatting with your mates after a film etc.
  2. Job woes/wins

    are you on the Agenda for Change payscale? We got move from our old system to AfC and they tried to move us from the old Grade 3 to a Band 2. We did end up fighting it, and got it approved to a Band 3 on the basis that we take abuse on the regular and handle sensitive data, run data reports and things like that. Although I pretty much carry out the role of my Band 5 in terms of reports, and probably know more than my 7. Its bloody ridiculous. I was also on a temporary contract (not agency, but an actual trust temporary position) for FIVE YEARS before it was upgraded to permanent. Fuckin hallions the lot of them, trying to get away with treating us all like morons
  3. Job woes/wins

    that's awful fuckin convenient and exactly what my department does. NHS is full of corrupt higher ups that do sod all.
  4. "I didn't prepare anything" Mafia Sign-Ups

    that's a big (and very unlikely) if.... if you ask me
  5. bad stuff thread.

    I'm so sorry, i was really hoping for the best for you. Hopefully it is minor, like you say. Expect the worst, hope for the best. Good to be realistic. -- I got unlucky with the gene pool. There are various auto immune conditions in my family, and I seem to have got every single one of them and some more. My sister came out perfect, not thing wrong. I swear she belongs to the postman, that or I used up all the faulty genes first My entire family carry a lot of guilt about it... my sister would carry the pain i have in a heartbeat. My mum was by my side at every appointment growing up, and my dad hates that i miss out on "normality". Had a real moment with my dad at my sisters wedding yesterday... checking that I wasn't too down... "you know you're as special to me as your sister is". -- I have to say I agree with Rez, 2020 is a big pile of shit. I thought 2018 was gonna be my worst year for a long time (having a breathing crisis and nearly ending up in ICU, with a still undetermined condition) but 2020 and that corona came and topped it all. Shielding sucks, working in the NHS sucks, my physical and mental health is in the negative right now
  6. "I didn't prepare anything" Mafia Sign-Ups

    p.s if i can i'd like to join, mostly to vote out eevil in day 1. If there's no more spots its no biggie
  7. good stuff thread.

    Aye the NHS has saved me on multiple occasions but it isn't without its flaws. I honestly cannot imagine the pain you're in with fibroids. In your position I would almost certainly opt for the whole hysto, but its such a personal decision to make, especially when it comes to fertility stuff. I am in theory able to conceive but the reality of carrying a child, and looking after a child would be very difficult with the myriad of physical health problems I now have. Sending love and positivity to you and support with whatever decision you come to <3
  8. They're controlling things they cannot tax IMHO. I'm far from a conspiracy theorist but their policies are getting ridiculous. They've put us on lockdown here. "Ballymena Town" and bt43. Which is fucking vague at best. The town itself is barely 2m radius. Greater Ballymena is a 10 mile radius, easily. (consisting of more than half a dozen postcodes). There was 2 big factory outbreaks, one in the town, and near where I live, outside of the town. No change to shielding but told to be "extra cautious" which means fuck all to high risk people that have to go to work and put themselves in danger on a daily basis. So they'll basically be like oh well you died you weren't careful enough How they can clamp down on people visiting and say its spreading inside homes is beyond me. Poor management, and staff being treated like absolute shit is whats spreading this. Can't afford to self isolate for 2 weeks without pay... a lot of people will just go to work and hope for the best.... usually in factories where ppe and distancing is impossible. Workplaces where management WILL NOT let their staff go home even with symptoms (has happened here on more than one occasion publicly). The assholes that continue to break the rules to the extreme will continue to do so, leaving the people that try their best to follow the rules isolated, lonely and at high risk of causing harm to themselves.
  9. good stuff thread.

    i would do this but nhs.... I'm actually set to be down on money if we get any more payrises as my pension cont. will go up from 5.x% to 7%. This happened to band 5's in the last payrise and a lot of people ended up OWING money in a damn pay rise. As if the NHS aren't demoralised enough at the moment.
  10. good stuff thread.

    This is what I plan to do once I've paid off my car loan =)
  11. "I didn't prepare anything" Mafia Sign-Ups

    deflecting onto someone else...suspicious Vote: eevils
  12. The death of forums

    I'm gonna bite the bullet and make a thread and get some conversation going... I was pondering this for a while, since this forum and a few others have really shrunk down in activity over the past... 5/10 years? I also used to go on a diet forum that was even busier than this place in its hayday, and its also pretty destitute now. I think our habits have changed and forums just aren't designed as well to work in the mobile tech space. Things like facebook, twitter etc seem to have taken over the discussion space online... RIP bring back the forum and msn messenger days.... lol Thoughts?
  13. I 100% agree with you. You cant control anyone except yourself. Just a pity half of the population are moronic idiots. Believe what you wanna read online, but these folk need to do themselves a favour and drop the c*nt act and just do something for the well being of everyone. It's so not difficult. If I can, with significant breathing difficulties, then anyone can. We're very much on the brink of lockdown here, i suspect all it will take is schools going back. And I'll be back into the insanity known as shielding... yaaaaaaaaaaay. We've already had reductions to gatherings, 15 outside and 6 (from 2 households) inside, so that's given my sister an awful decision to make about her wedding. One of my friends has got really ill, and her daughter too. She and the two kids went for testing today (sunday morning) and i'm crossing my fingers that they're all ok.
  14. Job woes/wins

    It makes me so sad to hear that you haven't been supported Happs. Not that it makes much difference to how shit its been, but i bet you're kinda loving them struggling without you haha. When you go back remember you are only one person, and can only achieve so much in one day. Its on them that its been left to the last minute. The bigwigs throw around idle threats at people they deem "replaceable" but they soon get a shock when nothing gets done because they are fucking useless. All of our bigwigs are STILL working from home, STILL avoiding everything they possibly can. Now we know who is replaceable ._. I can't stress enough how much the "lowly" admin need to be valued and supported. Good admin are often the BACKBONE of any working system. They might do the menial chores, but those things keep the entire structure intact.
  15. good stuff thread.

    jeepers those waffles look anaemic lol i would eat that meal quite happily with cooked waffles and a bit of butter on the peas and sweetcorn.
  16. bad stuff thread.

    I am crossing my fingers for you Mindfreak.
  17. Shielding is paused in NI, any shielders in high risk areas like wards are temporarily redeployed, but since my job is not "high risk" I'm expected back. Even my line manager isn't happy about it, but his line manager will not facilitate me WFH. (even though ALL of my job can be done at home, and all of the highers are wfh). But the mortgage has to be paid. I just need a hazmat suit at this point LOL. I'm basically structuring my day so that i'm out as little as possible in public spaces, and I am not wearing the mask in the office (which is a risk in itself but i just have to be vigilant). I think the heat might have been a factor on that particular day, i'm just gonna have to be a lot more careful Most of the frustration i'm having is due to the fact that if I was diagnosed properly with what i'm suffering there's every chance a treatment would drastically improve everything that's wrong. I was actually looking into my options for private care in march (id been waiting a year and a half at that point) but with covid happening no appointments are going on.
  18. Our work staff policy only includes "indoor public spaces where 2m distance cannot always be achieved".... which is ambiguous at best. And that only came out YESTERDAY. (NHS!!!!!) I struggle with the masks and probably fall under the "medical exemption" as i have very weak throat muscles. Its really a difficult quandry I'm in.... I struggle wearing them as its tough for me to breathe at all... but then I am exactly the sort of person that needs to wear one... I walked into the office and got winded today and i got into the lift alone and pulled the mask off, i was seeing stars and about to collapse.... and since I've had pain in my chest, throat and i'm struggling to breathe more than normal. I'm so sad, so fed up with life in general, and ready for this shit to be done. Sign me up for a fucking vaccine plz.
  19. bad stuff thread.

    It varies from council to council, but with in house recycling i would tend to agree! Most of NI is outsourced to a private company which i suspect do recycle since they want the money back. They actually sort the stuff at the source and fire back things they cant recycle. Cardboard, glass & tin are very easy to recycle so I try to stick to buying as much stuff in those as possible. Plastic can be recycled but only a few times before it degrades and has to be binned. Its really disgusting how much food is unnecessarily in plastic
  20. bad stuff thread.

    daaaaaaaaannnng you hit them hard !!!! Its a pet peeve of mine when people use my bin. I had my garden waste bin half filled with what looked like soil. It made me so angry. The council had to come out specially to get it since it was too heavy for me to move or use. I can't contemplate how people (even a large family) can overfill a typical wheelie bin in 2 weeks. They're either not recycling AT ALL or downright wasteful/lazy. I am downsizing how much plastic I buy (with the mind of completely stopping). Its a momentous task. When I need something on the shopping list I am looking for alternatives. There are things i maaaay have to give up or seriously reduce consumption of. Its also really really tough on a budget to completely remove all your plastic consumption since there's a huge markup on zero waste stores. I put my bin out last fortnight with nothing bar some cat poop and one single bag from my kitchen.
  21. its only been a week out of shielding and one of my colleagues is being tested for covid. fucking yay
  22. The R rate is rising here again, they estimate it between 0.8 and 1.8. 40 something new cases in a day. for a small island with 1.8m people, not particularly dense population, that's pretty bad. I've been back to work for a week and theres a fair possibility i might end up shielding again if it spikes much more. A spike was inevitable with more things opening just hope it stays steady and people recover OK. We've not had a death in a week or so I believe. But with all the shielders allowed out that could be a matter of time! masks are being made compulsory on Monday instead of later on in the month with the spike coming so soon. Looks like we're prob gonna have to wear them in work all the time. I've been wearing mine going in and out since my space is well away from everyone else... but i am the only one except for clinical staff that ive seen wearing any
  23. bad stuff thread.

    Gosh that is really heavy stuff dude. Crossing my fingers for you that it isn't too serious. I don't know if this helps - but as someone with a LOT of chronic illnesses its often much harder for your loved ones to deal with than for the "sufferer" themselves. We have our moments of why me, but generally you do just get on with it as best you can. And you never forget what your parents went through for you <3 Keep us updated and i really really hope for the best possible outcome for you and your wife!
  24. bad stuff thread.

    all the 80s kids are devastated!!! I'm glad for the environment but its definitely the end of a big chapter for a lot of people!
  25. Living Arrangements

    I can honestly say reading this was the LOWEST point of my day today...... I would burn that place to the ground AWFUL -- I've lived in a lot of places... born - Inverness, scotland. 1 y/o - moved to germany, had a few different homes there in different bases (RAF) approx 3 - moved back to Inverness - we had at least 2 different homes there (again still RAF) 10 - moved to Ballymena, Northern Ireland - (Parents bought a house a couple of miles out of town. Dad retired from service. they still live there.) --ADULT-- 28 - rented a flat right in our local town, lived by myself 30 - bought a house 5 miles out of town, live by myself I had a FT job from 18, never went to uni. Took a while for me to get my adult shit together. I had a very good relationship with my parents so it wasn't difficult for me to stay. They were pretty surprised when i told them i was moving out lol