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  1. Zelda Z-Targeting problems

    uh...yeah there is, you can just press it twice
  2. Wii Hardware Discussion

    great find Dante, I owe you one here take her: http://uk.wii.com/movies/10/
  3. Rip-off Britain...

    same here, I'd rather pay the 180 for a wii plus zelda
  4. Rip-off Britain...

    Damn right!!! That's exactly the thing people seem to be forgeting.
  5. Rip-off Britain...

    you know what? The damn thing IS expensive, not only that but we're getting it last. Europeans have a right to whine!
  6. UK Launch Date

    yup, all good guesses...I'll put 100% on November 24th
  7. Donkey Freaking Konga!

    I have all 3 games and I can say that I play DK3 most, it has awesome songs if you're an anime fan
  8. indeed, I'm a d-pad player so I pretty much stopped playing 4 a short while after it came out. I'd recommend 3 even though 4 is better dispite the d-pad bullshit
  9. What is a casual gamer? (mini-rant)

    What is a hardcore gamer? IMHO that's easy A hardcore gamer had finished the majority of the must-play games of the current generation. Therefore a hardcore gamer has good sense in games and watches the development and changes of the industry. These are a couple of games that pretty much defined gaming in a new and unique way this generation and therefore are must play games. -Viewtiful Joe (NGC, PS2) -Ikaruga (DC, NGC) -Ninja Gaiden (Black)(Xbox) -Final Fantasy X (PS2) -F-zero GX (NGC) -Resident Evil 4 (NGC, PS2) -Halo (Xbox, PC) -Half-Life 2 (PC, Xbox) -Sonic (NGC, PS2, Xbox) -Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) -Super Smash Brothers Melee (NGC) -Metroid Prime (NGC) there's also a couple of minor fators like all time greats. if you've never played a mario, zelda or final fantasy game...well you know : peace:
  10. What can't the FHC do?

    The only thing that would be tough would be fighting games I think It's probably very possible but I just can't quite imagine it (even though I've written the whole super smash brother wii controls concept thing)
  11. because we figuered it's closest to a but I guess you could just make all directions jump
  12. I've reuploaded the pictures, they're working again
  13. cube_game/DiemetriX: Thanks a lot for the edit In a way it would because I've heard that some people seem to like grabbing with the B-trigger since it's so intuitive, squeeze = grab but on the other hand Nintendo hasn't been that into setting your own controls so I wouldn't bet on it. They'll probably have awesome controls anyway, no worries there. oh my god, I love you so much, you actually made me LOL, thanks mate
  14. Since It's a b*tch to repost everything including pictures here I'll just post the link _edit_ Pictures, explanations and theories, they're all here! Aight...I've been having this conversation today with a friend of mine (MaXiMaldo) how Super Smash Brothers Revolution actually could be played. The truth is: We both didn’t think about it that much mostly because we had a bit of trouble imagining Super Smash Brothers Revolution but we’ve finally figured it out. Two main thoughts came in mind, innovating new controls which made use of the unique controller functions but also keeping in mind that SSBM has a very high number of existing players (both casual and tournament players) and thus controls have to be at least a bit familiar. So we came up with this control scheme: Why?: Movement should be traditional to the control-stick because of the many functions if has that simply can’t be replaced if you use the pointer to point where your character is. On top of that: your arm would get more tired so that’s why we figured traditional control-stick movement would be the best way to go (walk/run/jump/roll/smash/throw etc.) Standard and aerial attacks would be done much like the same way with the A button. We had a long debate about the jump button but we figured the D-pad was the place to put it (D-pad down to be precise) Smashes and Specials would be a whole other story: To incorporate some of the revolution controllers unique function you could also use the flick-of-the-wrist method* to do smashes, throws but also do special (B) attacks**. Simply by holding A + flick or B+ flick you can pull off smashes and special attacks *Of course you would have an option to set the sensitivity of the flick-of-the-wrist **Add an option to switch the B button between “toggle” and “press” and you can play Super Smash Brothers Revolution exactly like you can on Gamecube! (without even using any of the motion but just button presses) B-attacks!? Where’s the neutral!? I used the pictures to depict Special (B) attacks because smashed would be easy to imagine. B-attacks are a bit more illogical since you can’t have a neutral direction when it comes to movement. That’s why we thought it would be cool to switch the neutral special to a backward flick (backwards and forward from your characters perspective ala fighters) There is one thing which should be mentioned: Since the shoulder buttons aren’t pressure triggered (like Gamecube’s shoulder buttons), light and heavy shielding could be removed (because they're very Gamecube controller based) Did we forgot something? (we probably did) and if so...what? EDIT I've been checking out some boards for feedback 'n stuff and like to clarify there 2 important features up: 1. Smashing is ALSO possible by traditional Control-stick + A press like it is now, so you can choose to NOT use the flick-of-the-wrist method. 2. If you'd change the B button from hold (toggle) to press (in the optionsmenu or something like that) you can also do B-attacks with Controlstick + B-press. So once again it's possible to play and NOT using using the flick-of-the-wrist method. Conclusion: If you'd change the "B-option" you can play smash brothers exactly like you can now, there's only 3 things to note (for you advanced ssbm geeks): There's maybe 3 things that will seems weird and will take some getting used to: (but they're mostly shoulder related) 1. block/roll/shield/wavedash with the left hand 2. grab/dashgrab with the left hand 3. light/heavy shielding would be "removed" or some other feature would be implemented. Thats it all from Jwizzman's blog (i hope you dont mind)... anyway i havent got a clue how Nintendo are gonna do the controls for smash bros... but i know they wont let us down! /edit It's complete with pictures/theories/explanations so it might be a fun read: http://blogs.ign.com/Jwizzman/2006/04/23/13838/
  15. A Nintendo Christmas Carol

    whoa, this is awesome, great job sprout