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  1. I would consider the relationship over whoever it was.


    Its not right to act suggestive in any sense when in a relationship.

    I'd hate it if my gal did that and wouldn't want to be with someone who just thought it was dancing and totally innocent


    On a tangent... whats the view on suggestive texting to ex boyfriends or the like?

  2. Yo




    Residing currently in Leicestershire

    Started Biology degree at Derby but really didn't like it

    Now working for Insurance Co. shoving paper around and dealing with arseholes

    Likes Star Wars, Aliens and Guy Ritchie films

    Still plays with lego for fun

    Has awesome lady - Jess - fun bags FTW

    Likes his women like he likes his gravy - Hot, thick and full of flavour

    Has an unhealthy mind

    Loves pasta and pizza

    Can scare people usually with randomness and 'the stare'

    Oh and I LOVE complaining :p


    Thats probably already too much information for you to handle....

  3. On my delayed return to the forum, I have just subjected myself to a few of these comedy rainbow episodes


    I find myself nearly laughing alot of the time but due to the awkwardness mainly. Personally I feel alot of your 'work' would probably work better in a situation comedy. The awkwardness would be workable within a characters 'depth'. The reactions would therefore allow more amusement.


    I did love the earlier scare claire moments and the inappropriate ways of greeting people.

    Awesome Sketch Ideas.

    maybe a scare claire montage would work next:grin:


    Right then, as promised here is the delightful pisstake of Comedy Rainbow I managed to churn out. As the description says:

    Full of non-predictable jokes, well timed pauses and a gripping soundtrack.

    I think you'll agree.


    As said previously... This is awesome and well described :heh:

    The satire is the thing that makes this soo good.

    Loving the smug grin and great acting skills :grin:


    Thats how the French say it. Also I will cut out all post joke faces. :D


    It didn't fit cos the french may say it like that but then it doesn't sound like 'wee' or 'Wii'



    no no no no gotta be shorter man.... I find myself half way through and wondering how much longer is left. That's a bad sign right there. Keep it short sharp and to the point.


    It can be good and short. You dont need LOTS of material to be awesome. Cut some of the stuff that isnt quite there, or just use it in another episode. Less material = less overload on your viewer and they'll remember it. I find myself forgetting what was at the beginning because there was too much.

    I found myself skipping through the long sketches cos they bore after 30 seconds

    You need short sharp sketches with quick skip to the next one


    Hope feedback helps,


    fresh pair of eyes and all that :awesome:

  4. After spending more time on the forum I still feel it was better before the 'change'

    Is the forum having some sort of midlife crisis where it goes and buys a sports car or having some menopausal crying fits


    The new threads started just seem utter tripe or are threads that could/would have been started regardless.


    All in all, I miss having my 'subscribed' threads. PLEASE bring them back :cry:


    Booo. You deleted the other post. Makes my post look rather ridiculous now.


    What post? ;):indeed:

    Don't know what you're talking about.


    As charming and quaint as I find the notion of 'going somewhere to talk Nintendo', I think you vastly misinterpret the tone of the forum for, if not most of, a good proportion of the members.


    so in summary, you're wrong and you're a grotesquely ugly freak




    This is awesome


    and so true :bowdown:

  5. Good, this is just what I wanted to hear, I salute you.


    :bowdown:: peace:


    Your last post before this was on 17th May. This forum shakeup has brought you back to the forum!


    Hurrah! It is indeed tremendous. :bouncy:






    The thing that bought me back was the man from virgin giving me broadband again :blank:


    I was back and and posting regardless of the change.


    Honestly it has slightly put me off posting in the other threads if anything.:sad:

  6. Yo

    I've not really been able to access t'internet lately but joined a while back

    It seems I have returned to a messy forum :o


    All jumbled topics with no real purpose



    My dislike for the new set up is that I liked it how it was and personally when I joined I found it great. One of my previous posts even stated that I was happy to be part of such an awesome 'incestuous' family.

    I joined initially for helped on Wii games but soon found myself wanting to chat about inane issues in the HWYD thread and look at your crazy but pointless photos in UIG.

    How else am I to see who I'm chatting to?!? :weep:


    As far as I remember, N-Europe's forums haven't just been about Nintendo for years. If we were only allowed to primarily talk about Nintendo, this forum would lose a lot of its members.


    So true, I wouldn't have stayed if it weren't for the General chit chat. I'd have taken the advice and truly fucked off for good.


    If you were a new member, would you feel less intimidated?


    NO!!!! I'd feel more initimidated.:mad: There is far too much to go through and you don't find out anything about the other people on the forum. Plus my PC is slow and doesn't like 'tabs'. It will take days to go through, instead of just clicking 3/4 main threads and getting what I want to read.


    To be brutely honest I don't honestly have anything seriously exciting in my life that deems a thread devoted to it. But I would like to vent frustrations at late buses, car breakdowns, microwaves blowing up and the such like. I would love to tell you all about my (not very interesting) but slightly funny shopping experience, the twat down the pub last night and the nice meal I had out last week.

    But none of it warrants its own thread, So it doesn't get said.::shrug:

    Then I don't post and I drift off before I've even become a well known face in these parts and no one remembers me. :sad:


    When people speak of community on this forum, what they actually mean is the small group of people they interact with on a more regular basis than the other members. That a sub-group within the community in my view.


    however you define it it doesn't matter as long as people are able to use the boards in their own way. Some people only want to discuss Nintendo and some, myself included, would like to know about peoples weekends and the small group that 'interact with on a more regular basis' are the core members of the forum. Without them, the forum wouldn't be as successful as it is. Smaller forums would kill for post counts and the number of active members that this site has. Those core members are also the ones that welcomed me in with open arms and made me want to contribute more to the forum.


    I like all the new topics to look into, but there seems to be too many to keep track of. Simples is better sometimes, but perhaps a way to encourage new topic creations (stickyin the HWYD topic would be good, the rate threads a possible chance as well).


    I agree mostly


    New topics = good

    2000000 new topics to read :shakehead


    Anyways I have shown my thoughts (as a newish member)

    *prepares for the backlash*

  7. Sleeping with an ex is just a no-no, it's just not worth the stress afterward!

    Too true :indeed:

    we did break up for a reason and I can't really see it being different this time round.


    Go with this thought.:idea:


    Seriously its dangerous waters

    Only trained players and the cold hearted can handle it fully :nono:


    Is a bruise supposed to look that purple? Did it last week and have felt like I'm gonna pass out since Wednesday :/

    It actually goes a lot gigher up than that, my camera work is shoddy.


    Nice bruising, I give it 6/10 :o

    It looks almost as sexy as the bruise I got from the last N-E Meet.


    There is a better bruise?!? I wanna see!!!:eek::blank:


    Nothing better than a good dose of bodily damage :wink::rolleyes:



    had a jam packed weekend with the missus :D


    huge lols at missus spilling curry - aptly naming it the spice(y) rack :laughing:

    went bowling for mates birthday - came last out of 7 peeps. :cry:I even lost to a cocky fucking 12 year old

    and watching dvds galore - hellboy 1&2, alien trilogy, mad max and couple of batman films :cool:

    Good Times!

    Pr0 plan for tomorrow - alton towers IF get car back from MOT early enough (fingers crossed)

  8. Moogle, trust me on this one. :)


    OK I trust you ;)


    People are not what they seem. Some peeps user-names are what we call "cover-ups".


    :wtf:WTF?!? So now I shouldn't trust you? Are you a Jim or a Bob at all?


    Go for Rez, i dare you.


    Now I'm confused :confused:::shrug:

    I don't know who to believe anymore! :cry:



    I have a date!


    in a week!


    Good times ahead for you! :bouncy:



    Switch conversations to my day


    Not so pr0 today


    work :( had some supervisor going round assessing personal performance :hmm:

    Can't be bothered with the arse licking that goes on. :blank:


    But came home to nice meal cooked (lasagne) and went for few bevvies to relax :D:indeed:

  9. Me and Wes are heads and tails on the coin of awesome.


    Whos got the Head? :hmm:


    I take back what I said. He isn't the child of Wesley - he's the evolution of Wesley!

    Stage 1 or stage 2... glad to know I'm not a basic.


    I think there's a bit of Coolness in there too... (oh, and welcome!)

    I have yet to encounter said 'Coolness' but if they are as there name suggests I am sure I shall find them most pleasing :D


    Anyone with a Star Wars quote is kosher in my book. Welcome onboard, my new ally.


    I got so many new friends :laughing:


    Now who to violate first?!? :indeed:


  10. :indeed:

    First impressions: You seem like the bastard lovechild of Moogle and Wesley.


    They must be amazing people to be compared to :laughing:;)


    My day has been awesome :D


    Spent whole day chillin with me lady :love:


    watched films:hehe:, got a litle frisky;), ate pizza:grin:, went to pub:indeed: came home:zzz:


    Good times! Good times!


  11. oh god did Moogle get to you already?!


    Welcome to the forum anyway!! :D


    there seems to be a real family atmosphere here. :D

    i've been welcomed in by the incestuous arms.




    i think i might enjoy it here. ;)

  12. I completely change my mind.


    You're also now my favourite member.


    Howdy Stranger :grin:


    I like making friends..... :laughing:


    Soooooo then :cool:


    how do I join the next mass ass pound session? ;):hehe:


    :red: Or am I on the wrong board.... again. :rolleyes::nono:

  13. This place is definitely worse than all the other board sections.


    In what way exactly?


    I'm definitely intrigued now.


    Or should I be scared?


    Everyone seems so friendly :hmm: maybe a little too friendly ;)

  14. Thanks everyone for an awesome response!!! You really know how to make a person feel welcome..


    I shall be taking your sugestions in mind...

    You not a fan of cockin' mama?! ;)


    Only if its someone elses Mama and its doesn't require a Wii remote ;)


    The 'MAMA' series :shakehead is just a big fuck off NO :heh: ... Sorry!!!! :(


    but the others are things to add to the pay day list... HAHA!

    or buy the missus then I get to play it and stay in the good books..

    either way FANKS!

  15. While I'm sure plenty of people are about to jump in screaming "SMASH BROS YARP?" and "mARI00 GaL4xY", which admittedly both great games, lets just take a second and say; welcome, nice to have you on board. If there a particular genre of game you like? What do you enjoy on the PC?


    Oh, and there is shame in liking PC games soldier! I only play them at the moment, haven't touched my Wii in around 10 months... mostly because it is still on the other side of the planet.


    My PC tastes vary widely from Deus Ex to Dungeon Keeper 2, Spellforce to Monkey Island series. Plus I'm an old school master system and game gear player.. so sonic and alex kidd are in my heart.

    My only taste for nintendo must have been when I was a wee youngun' and I had a gameboy and played sup mario land.


    My shame is only felt as a consequence of writing in a 'nintendo' forum and I am but a novice in the wise ways. heehee! ;)

  16. Hi peeps :blush:


    I'm new. :red:

    So Hello! Nice to meet you! :grin:


    Needing a little advice

    please could you help me?!?

    I am ashamed to admit I'm usually a PC gamer :sad: and I have only recently ventured into the world of Nintendo consoles.


    I now own a Wii and soon a DS!!!


    I was wondering if you could advise me on recommended game for Wii. As all I hear about are daft games like 'Cockin Mama' or Wii fit and its many dribblesome derivitives... I'm simply not interested.::shrug:


    Thanks fellow forumers :D