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  1. Nioh [PS4]

    It's likely that your skills have just declined. I got one hit away from beating that boss on the first attempt, until I rolled INTO its combo instead of evading to close in for that final hit. A couple of attempts later (as I started to rush it on attempts two and three) and it was dealt with. I had a lot more difficulty on the next boss (in a sub-mission), which initially appeared to be easier than it proved to be. I just need to do the final DLC boss now (and one more sub-mission) which has also given me more trouble than it should. After looking at the DLC trophies a couple really stand out and will take some considerable grinding for gear and (it appears) completion of the newly created NG+2. Given some of the struggles I've had in the NG+ so far, I don't see those trophies popping any time soon. Although I love the fact that the DLC has bought with it trophies to keep you invested in the main game.
  2. Nioh [PS4]

    Unfortunately it's been patched which is typical, as I only found out about it after the fact.
  3. Nioh [PS4]

    Will be picking up the season pass today, having got back into the game over the last couple of days, just so damn good. I'm about halfway through the NG+ and still need a couple of trophies for the Platinum, one for finding all Kodama (which will come easily enough) and the bloody blacksmith request one. Unfortunately I made the mistake of requesting discounted items/forging/soul matching etc early on which has resulted in making it far harder to spend the required funds to get the requests. Oh well, I'm sure that trophy will come soon enough.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Just played through What Remains of Edith Finch and what an absolute joy it was, just utterly beautiful story telling. I was dubious about spending £16 for 2-3hrs worth of game but considering I'll often spend more than that on a takeaway I thought why not and I'm sure glad I did. Despite the brevity of the game some of the family members' stories will stay with me for a while, some were also done in such an inventive way and I really loved the level design of the family home. I did miss a couple of trophies and those were early game ones, largely before I fully figured out what was going on but I can easily return to those as a chapter replay becomes available on completion, not that you really need it given the games length. I could easily see me wanting to go through this again at some point down the line anyway.
  5. Persona 5

    Ha! You may be right. I just thought (after getting the payment taken so early they might have shipped yesterday), or at least I hoped they would, guess I've been spoilt in the past . Anyway, point is now moot as I've also since received the dispatch email.
  6. Persona 5

    Still processing at shopto. I have no complaints about them shipping on Monday, although I often get a lot of Tuesday releases on the prior Saturday. However, I do object to them taking the payment five days before shipping (was charged on Wednesday).
  7. Salt and Sanctuary (PS4)

    That's also what I was intending to do, however, I've not read anything about cross-save etc. Also, according to Ska Studios' twitter there could well be a separate trophy list, as that is what they requested, whether that proves to be the case we'll find out soon enough. That said, I'm still excited to go back and give this another playthrough and I hope it really holds up well on the Vita.
  8. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Three CD set (with a bonus 4th disc for initial orders) releasing in Japan on March 29th. No news on a Western release although I'm sure something will follow in due course. Either way, I'm sure someone will torrent it shortly after. I downloaded the OST for the previous game not long after originally playing it and it still gets a frequent listen even now. By way of a progress update, finished Ending B after spending ages in that playthrough trying to do some of the sidequests I'd previously missed, and the game is fast appraoching 'masterpiece' status. I would love to say more but all I will say is that you NEED to get to Branch C as quickly as possible
  9. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Completed Ending 'A' earlier and all I can say is 'wow', what a truly fucking amazing game. I would love to elaborate but the story is crazy good, maybe not quite up there in the emotional rollercoaster stakes of the previous game but still an excellent story in its own right. The last few hours in particular really upped the ante and were just incredible. The combat remains absolutely brilliant throughout and the depth, by way of how you choose to spec your pod, is simply breathtaking. Whilst the environment/world could do with being fleshed out a little more it didn't become too much of a chore to explore, especially once you unlock fast travel. In the interim you could always ride a couple of animals to aid getting around. Some of the sidequests are also interesting although there is also a fair share of fetch quests. That said, due to my advancing the story many got locked out and I've only done 35% of them so far, there were also some that were seemingly beyond my level so I'll see how that plays out. It was also great to see the return of some previous characters. I've gone straight back to continuing after Ending A and the game continues to surpass itself, I can't wait to see what lies ahead and there appears to still be a hell of a lot to do. If you have even the slightest interest in this game you really need to grab it at the earliest opportunity and it's crazy to think that in a year that has already given us the brilliant Horizon (which I still need to finish :blush) and the fantastic Nioh there is another, IMO, early contender for those GotY lists. Yes, it really is that fucking good.
  10. NieR: Automata (2017)

    My copy arrived this morning and I've managed to put a few hours into it and so far I'm bloody loving the game. I've only done the first few bosses, who have been incredible and on one occasion truly bizarre but the game is shaping up nicely. The story hasn't properly taken off yet although that could be just me having a what the hell moment really early on (the sequence shortly after the bit where the demo ended) but the premise is certainly there. I've not done too much exploring yet and have mostly just cracked on the early missions, although I have found one hidden weapon and I do intend to set about exploring a lot more from this point forward. The world is a little sparse but given the narrative that is to be expected but it does look nicer than I expected it to and there has been one truly brilliant and equally bizarre location already. I do think I may have been better off starting on a slightly harder difficulty as I've only died once so far and even that was down to my pressing the wrong button to heal. Also due to the way death is handled, if you play online you can get free healing and items should you choose to retrieve the dead bodies of other players. On that note,the way death is handled is certainly interesting and I am curious to learn more about that, so maybe a couple of suicides beckon. It also goes without saying that the soundtrack is absolutely incredible, although I'm not yet convinced that it surpasses that of the previous game. Then again, that game boasts my favourite game soundtrack of all time so topping that would be a tall order. There are still a few other gameplay mechanics that I'm trying to get my head around but so far so good and I expect to spend a significant amount of time with this, although that's also dependent on how I can decide to manage my time between this, Horizon Zero Dawn, Tales of Berseria and Nioh's NG+, all games equally deserving of my time.
  11. Disc Jam (PS4/PC)

    Played a couple of matches on my sub-account and promptly deleted it. Thought it was utter shite.
  12. Nioh [PS4]

    I could be wrong but it's likely due to there being limited twilight missions. I noticed yesterday that one of the ones that cycled in had the check symbol showing that I'd already completed it, so I do wonder just how many/few there could be. It would be nicer to have more but it's not a huge issue for me, considering how much else there is to do in the game. I made a start on the fifth region yesterday (although there is still a duel in region 4 that I need to go back to) and it was first time I've ran into a mission where I really didn't like the level design. Admittedly, it was nice what the team were aiming to do but it just didn't gel with me so I'm hoping that I don't have to revisit it for any sub-missions. I'm not sure if it's because of familiarity with the game mechanics but the last few bosses have also been a little on the easy side so I'm hoping that things get ramped up again. That said, still an incredible game and despite it only being February, I'd be surprised if this isn't in my thoughts when it comes to deciding my Game of the Year in ten months time.
  13. Nioh [PS4]

    Yeah that guy was a bastard for me as well. I ended up moving on to the next area to level up and grab better gear before returning to him, even then he still caused me a few issues. I'm still currently in the third area as I've slowed my progress a little to offer myself up for summoning, although I should really think about moving on again. In that area, I've only done a couple of main missions (including a boss that caused quite a few problems) and a few side missions, one of which was a bastard until I lucked out. I can't say more than that for fear of spoilers. I've also opened up 'Clans' which is just something else to add to the online experience although I spent far too long just deciding which one to join, especially as benefits/gains are largely insignificant anyway. As for co-op experiences, I'm mostly trying to help others with Umi-bozu as that boss seems to be a sticking point for a lot of others. That said, I've also got to the stage where it feels like a waste of time and just today alone I must have joined 15+ hosts and NOT ONE of them lasted long enough for us to beat him. However, due to the layout of that level I've also had a bloody good laugh at some of the misfortunes of others as well as the odd balls-up by myself. Absolutely incredible game.
  14. Nioh [PS4]

    I've now managed to get through the first three bosses as well as a bunch of side-missions. Those first bosses are all ones that were in the various demos so it wasn't too much of a struggle as I knew what to expect, I can see how anyone going in blind would have difficulties however. There is one sub-mission that I just haven't been able to get past yet so I decided to move on to the next main mission. As for that next main mission, my fears about lowered difficulty were soon put to rest. I didn't have too many issues getting through the level itself, other than dealing with significant status effects, you'll know when you get there, but the boss itself is kicking the shit out of me. I tried numerous attempts last night and didn't even get close although I am closer to devising some sort of strategy. It doesn't help that I haven't found many kodama in the area so haven't been able to pick up the 'healing bonus', making farming elixirs harder. I'm only entering the boss fight with 3 or 4 elixirs which is far from ideal. As for my build, I'm also going with Kusarigama as my main (found a fairly decent fire one which I'm soul matching when funds allow) but I'm also using dual wielding a fair bit too. I just prefer using the faster weapons over the slower more hard hitting hammers, axes etc. As a result I've mostly been focusing on building the required stats for those weapons although I have stuck a couple of points in magic and dex so as to have some useful magic and ninjutsu options available.
  15. Nioh [PS4]

    My copy arrived yesterday morning (will definitely be using Simply Games again) so I've managed to put a few hours into it and in summary, I'm fucking loving every minute of it so far. There is so much to love about the game as many of you who played the previous demos will know. The combat is simply incredible and really freaking responsive, the detail that has gone into the lore is incredible, the various options to customise gear through the blacksmith is deep as hell (in fact I've spent as much time disassembing, crafting gear etc as I have playing). I also love that there's an in-game achievement system which also allows you grab permanent stat bonuses and there's a lot of mini-tasks to do. One minor issue is that so far, the game hasn't been as challenging as I expected. However, that could be down to familiarity as all the areas I've seen so far (bar the opening) are ones I've played previously in the demos. That said, I did run into one sub-mission that caused a few problems. I've not really dabbled with the co-op yet as I always like to solo these 'Souls-like' games on my first playthrough although I did decide to help one guy beat one of the bosses. I do expect that I'll be doing more of that in the future however. So far, so freaking good.
  16. Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Currently around 30hrs in and only completed Chapter 6 earlier today but wow, this game is just incredible. The story so far has been really fucking good (I'm not really surprised), the side stories have been a mix of hilarious, touching and some contain great fan service with notable nods to later games in the series and I absolutely love some of 80's pop culture references. The combat is great as always and I love the mixing up of the different styles. I've only dabbled with some of the minigames and there's always the usual suspects that I just can't get down but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. As for the whole business of things, I've couple unlocked Kirya's at the moment
  17. Tales of Berseria (PS3, PS4)

    I haven't been able to put as much time into this as I'd have liked so I'm only around 14hrs in but this is shaping up to be one of the better 'Tales' games in recent years. The combat is excellent (as expected), the darker narrative tone is a nice change and it's right up my street, there's seem to be loads to do (as per usual) and I love the cast of characters so far, a particular favourite at the moment is Magilou who has me in stitches every single time. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with this and can't wait to see how things progress, however, that may take longer as I'd like because the majority of my gaming time is currently being taken up by Yakuza 0, which is just flat-out fucking incredible.
  18. Nioh [PS4]

    Spent a decent amount of time on this today and damn it feels good to be playing again. It did take a little while to get back up to speed and I died a lot early on but suddenly things clicked back into place and it was pretty smooth sailing for the most part. Anyway, took down the boss after a few attempts so have grabbed the helmet, also did a bit of the 'Twilight' mission and came unstuck pretty quickly, so I spent the rest of day helping others to beat the boss required for the helmet, with varying results. I'm certainly not the best player out there but I swear to god, some people just can't be helped, you guide them to temples and/or chests which they subsequently ignore only for them to raise a revenant, more often expecting me to deal with it. Yes, I don't mind helping but if you seriously expect me to do it all, then you're sadly mistaken. Have to admit, it's quite funny watching some of them and how quickly they die when left to their own devices. Sadly, I won't have a lot of time tomorrow but damn, this game cannot come soon enough.
  19. Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Unfortunately I used Amazon for this pre-order (had some giftcards left over) so there is absolutely no chance of me getting this early, hell, I'll probably be lucky to receive it on release day. I absolutely love this series so really can't wait to get back involved again, a lot of reviews are saying this could possibly be the best Yakuza game yet, that said, it was always going to be a day one purchase either way. Actually next week should be pretty great all round, what with this and Tales of Berseria (another fave franchise of mine).
  20. Nioh [PS4]

    Already preloaded I already have the 'bonuses' from the Alpha and Beta so I may as well try and grab the final freebie, even if it is only a helmet :p Really looking forward to the game and the hours already spent on the previous demos have only heightened that excitement. I noticed that my regular places for preorders seem to be slightly pricey this time around (shopto £50, Game Collection £45) so taking a chance on Simply Games (only £40), never used them before but have heard plenty of good things about them.
  21. NieR: Automata (2017)

    A timely bump to remind anyone that's interested in this (however few that may be :p) that a demo launched today. I've already played through and it just confirmed what I knew already and that this is definitely a day one purchase for me. I absolutely loved the previous game and the involvement of Platinum Games has, unsurprisingly, shored up what was probably the only weakness in that game, the gameplay. Even this early, the combat is responsive as hell and silky smooth, I instantly fell in love with it. If the story is even half as decent as the previous game then this'll be a must have title and the end of the demo gave a small insight of what may happen, it certainly left me wanting more, which is all you want/expect from a demo. The wait to early March just got a lot more intolerable, thankfully the first couple of months of 2017 should have just enough to keep me otherwise occupied.
  22. LET IT DIE (PS4)

    I did one of those the other day and I may have done the second one (if not, I'm certainly close). Usually the rewards for completing quests a second time or more offer far reduced awards, although I do need to double check those particular ones. There was, IIRC, another for killing 20 consecutive enemies with a sniper rifle, other weapon quests haven't been as rewarding, but I prefer to do those once I have the respective blueprint. I only just picked up the BP for the sniper rifle but I haven't found time yet to do a run for the required mats. Anyway, like you previously said, there is just so much to the game it continues to amaze me and it really sets the bar for future games using a F2P model.
  23. LET IT DIE (PS4)

    I'm also on floor 17 as I've spent far too much grinding earlier floors and/or other characters, weapon mastery and equipment. I also got killed shortly after the dropping the level 16 boss so have to keep fighting it when I want to advance and I still haven't got a reliable way of dropping that thing consistently. That said, I now have a few short-cuts to unlock so I should be able to bypass that thing in future. Due to the fact that I've been raiding far too much, got to upgrade that Fighter freezer, I have also had to grind a few defenders because I've been on the receiving end of a few too many revenge attacks, although defending in this game is pretty futile. Thankfully, I've now learnt to spend as much of my SPLithium and Kill Coins before signing out so that I'm not worth targeting, however, that also means having to grind KC again should the unfortunate happen. Whilst I have unlocked some Grade 3 fighters, my fave being Strikers (have a level 71 and in the process of levelling another) I still don't have Grade 3 defenders available. I should really start keeping an insurance Death Metal because revive costs are getting a little pricey but I've noticed that since the Store became available we are no longer getting them as log-in bonuses and I spent all I had on upgrading my storage. I need to make time to hit some more quests but the 'Climb' quests are a nightmare thanks to any Haters killing enemies negating the quest.
  24. Tales of Berseria (PS3, PS4)

    My favourites would be Symphonia, Vesperia (should have kept my 360) and Xillia, the latter had the best combat system in the franchise to date IMO, and is the only Tales game that I've platinumed, although TBF it's one of the easier ones to Plat. Worst would have to be Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (obviously) and, as stated previously, I'm still not sold on Zestiria, largely because of the needlessly convoluted skills system.
  25. Tales of Berseria (PS3, PS4)

    Big fan of the franchise so I'm really looking forward to this, hopefully it'll be better than Zestiria which I've not felt and still haven't been motivated to finish. There is a brief demo on the Japanese store (which I believe we're also getting) and the combat seems just as solid as you'd expect from the series.