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  1. Super Paper Mario

    Why does the US boxart above in french?
  2. Will they bring out a football game for the Wii

    I know there is a football game in works by Ydreams. They have a "Cristiano Ronaldo" game for phones.
  3. Wii-mote 2?

    I guess the Wii Remote can be a little rounder (wiimote is too bricky) and in a more "ruberish" material.
  4. No accessories for the Wii in Portugal (Spain too?)

    Não sei em que país está hospedado o forum, mas pelo menos na Alemanha os administradores dos sites são responsaveis pelo seu conteudo, por isso se estiveres a falar em violar criancinhas ou comprar n gramas de coca dá jeito que eles percebam. Mystery solved: you didn't look enough.
  5. No accessories for the Wii in Portugal (Spain too?)

    A friend of mine said he saw official component cables at colombo's fnac.
  6. Updates can't do miracles or change the hardware.
  7. New Wii Firmware version available: V2.1E

    It must be something important since the minor version number changed. There were updates before that didn't change the version number. I didn't notice anything diferent. Super Mario Bros still runs like shit on my tv
  8. Wii glitches

    Wii waits forever when it can't connect to the shop. The only thing you can do is turn off the console. But that's not really a glitch.
  9. Wii snubbed? - Sixaxis honoured with Emmy

    I didn't say it is bad, but for it doesn't deserve a technology and engineering award! PS3 maybe. Not the controller.
  10. What Wii Needs To Wiin!

    The answer to your question is boobs and a vagina.
  11. New GC Freeloader works on PAL Wiis.

    If nintendo really wanted to disable Freeloader it wouldn't work on the American and Japanese Wii's. Freeloader doesn't work in European Wii's because it doesn't work on the latest gamecubes. They could easily change the firmware in USA and JAp to stop freeloader from working there. So this: Probably works now. If it doesn't work you can return it and get your money back because it says it WORKS ON EUROPEAN CONSOLES AND ON WIIS.
  12. Wii snubbed? - Sixaxis honoured with Emmy

    They bought the award for sure! What has PS3 got to do with Emmys??? And what makes sixaxis (Technology and Engineering) better whan the Wii remote+Nunchaku? It's the same thing plus an accelerometer. Wii Remote is not the same thing, and has much more than an accelerometer! Someone Wii Punch that guy!
  13. SSX Blur

    It isn't the same. It's a little less sensitive but it probably can handle it very well. I love how the characters are always inside the snow and no one gives a shit about it. As long as the graphics aren't ugly, and are smooth the game will look good. From reading the article at IGN the gameplay looks very cool. I just think the snowboard needs more spray/dust/smoke/whatever you want to call it.
  14. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    You were talking about Mario Sunshine back there... Mario doesn't need a story. I think a Mario game should be pure gameplay... like a puzzle game but as a platformer... jumping from side to side... killing EVIL TURTLES and such. Very much like Sunshine's Warpzones. For me a Mario game should be more or less like that. Mario Galaxy is looking very much like that. Jumping from planet to planet... hitting turtles... etcetera. Unlike Mario, Metroid should be more chalenging... going back and forth, sweeping the same place over and over loooking for and hidden thing, intense shooting, not too tactic, and it should have a cool story feeting it. I like the way how the story works in Metroid Prime 1. You're exploring the site, and as you explore you read what happened. Samus is space's Indiana Jones.