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  1. Urgh. The only ones I can stand are the RPG's. Every other Pokemon game I look on with pessimism, and usually its justified.
  2. Corr, her legs don't look half bad do they. Though why policewomen don't dress like that in Nottingham I'll never know... I don't know if you can class this as 'news', but as some of you are aware, they repeat Doctor Who on BBC3 at the moment. They did this before Planet of the Dead, and they timed it perfectly so that The Next Doctor aired on the Friday, then Planet of the Dead on Saturday. They've run from the first series again, and have taken their time about it with breaks for Merlin and whatnot, but are finally in the Fourth series now. The Sontaran Stratagem aired last night, and the Poison Sky tonight. Assuming they continue with FOUR episodes a week, and they will air every episode of the revived series before The Waters of Mars, that means that it should - in theory atleast - arrive on October 31st.
  3. And I've never felt the need for a sig. Just dropping in, seeing how this lil place is going... but I'm pretty sure no one remembers me.
  4. I know that you can change certain programs to start in certain ways from their shortcut icon... like my Football manager 2008 game does it in window'd mode, which can't be done through the game. I assume you can set specific resolutions. If the program you want to start up absolutely can't use any lower resolutions though... I'd be rather confused - as the max resolution on your laptop is smaller than the resolution needed. Tried hooking up a monitor and displaying it window'd on there?
  5. I'm one of those old fashioned losers who has an ipod, actual camera and then a phone. Phone doesn't really matter to me. I only text and ring people on it. If I want to take photo's, I use my camera.
  6. I have an HDMI port on my laptop. would that work?
  7. You get the PC version. The Wii just isn't powerful enough to deliver the same kind of experiance. Hell, no console is. Its why football manager ports so badly to the 360 - all about RAM. And the consoles lack in that department. Having said that, if the Wii version is good, I'll pick it up.
  8. I'm really happy they released Mario Kart now, but instead of Brawl?... Tough choice. I do think Mario Kart is the best mario Kart since the SNES one...
  9. 25m in the next year? So 50m by this time next year for Wii... Thats a lot of consoles, console-generation winning form...
  10. A GAME employee tried to tell me that its release date was May 1st. I think he hoped I didn't realise that is a thursday. He wanted my pre-order monies...
  11. I've been playing online with bunches of japanese most of the day... Going to have an attempt at some of those world records though later. My brain knows that I'll never come anywhere close, but my mind is thinking "i'm GREAT at mario kart!"
  12. Football manager must run like a beast on 8GB of RAM...
  13. Yeah I may not have said I had anything, but if I'm applying for disability student allowance, its pretty obvious I probably do have something. Hence my tirade at people not using common sense.
  14. I have nystagmus. Its rather hard to fake that, if you know what it is. Anyway, I don't just need word. I asked for a higher end laptop because I'm doing cs + robotics. Only problem is that my wireless mouse/keyboard have stopped working... no time to fix, I have to go to campus. (and everyone telling me that I'm a dick for scamming can fuck right off. Not everyone on the internet is a complete ****. Cosndering I've been here a while, I thought I'd get a bit more credit than that)
  15. So, I applied for disabilty student allowance last year. Got all the paperwork off, and heres what they gave me Laptop: Belinea o.book 5 - 17" screen - 2.2ghz dual core processor - nvidia 8600M GT - 2gb RAM - HD-DVD/DVDRW drive - 250GB HDD - 1.5mp webcam - bluetooth/wifi - Windows vista Ultimate 32-bit (would have preferred 64-bit, but i'm not complaining) - Office 2007 Home/Student Other Stuff - 22" belinea monitor for dual monitor - copier/printer/scanner really nice printer. it has a lcd sreen and uses wireless... - wireless keboard/mouse - laptop bag and case All in all, labour have secured my vote with free stuff.
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