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  1. I would love to say that was my intent, but I've just been a lazy sod and forgot about doing something about it. Cheers for the heads up.

  2. Hey buddy. Game hardware in retail stores tends to be the same as online prices in Japan, but I can't say for sure what the Vita TV is being sold at as I'm unfortunately no longer there. Though checking around, most retailers are listing it at 9,950 yen and one of which, Yodobashi Camera, has always had in store prices the same as their online prices.


    I hope that helps!

  3. Haha, I changed my mind. Wasn't really something I felt comfortable putting out in the open!

  4. I see that you are promoting hotels in Goa. I too promote hotels in Goa and this is my territory you mother fucker and if you don't cease and desist I'll get my hardened lawyers to make your hotels in Goa Goa-way.


    Now get your ass out of here before I backhand you and yo' girl.

  5. Thanks for the heads up man! It seems they're sending that email in reply to every one who asks about it, but it helps knowing a date to expect mine by!

  6. Depends man. If you really like it, you could always sell your original 3DS and keep the limited edition one. If you want to sell it like I do, you might want to hold on to it for a while and keep an eye on how much they're selling for on eBay. People are flooding ebay with them right now that'll drag down the value.

  7. Pattern seems to be addresses in the north of England that won Mario 3DS's heh. I'm just outside London, but I don't really care about when it arrives as long as it does actually arrive!

  8. Ah nice one! Maybe it's just the Mario designs arriving first?

  9. Ah congratulations! Which design did you receive?

    Unfortunately nothing has arrived here for me

  10. Nope, haven't received mine. Not sure which design I won yet, so I'm dying to find out!

  11. Took a few times, but SUCCESS.

  12. Eh? What the fuck happened to Scoop? Scoop was awesome, 'Guy' kind of sucks, it's no 'Gus'. Oh lawdy.

  13. Cheers for letting me know mate, I have just added you.

  14. Ah I'm yet to use the Tank on my Tornado, although I will be buying one soon as the atomisers have about a month or two life span.


    I'm still directly dripping onto the atomiser which is bound to ruin the thing sooner or later if I add too many drops, but it's the best way to get the full flavour of things.


    But the Tank apparently works pretty well, you just apparently have to make sure not to twist the thing whilst it's attached due to the atomiser being like a needle and could end up popping the cartridge. I'll give you heads up when I eventually get it

  15. Just wondering, how's your experience with an e-cigarette going?

  16. Haha cheeky bastard. I'm no longer apart of my Anime Society, I quit after I became an admin as responsibilities are shit.


    That and lugging my laptop after the society through pubs was never fun.

  17. Start Minecraft! Unless what you said was meant to be a technical problem. Have a play around with Single Player and I'm sure I or some other kind soul will create a nice N-europe server for us to get a community world going!

  18. Shit son you sound mad!