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  1. I find the idea quite entertaining but I'm not sure when I'd do it. I plan on being busy this summer though, with lots of work projects and stuff. Can you send me a better idea of what it is about, maybe some of the script? I think if I was putting so much work into it I might like to have a bit of creative freedom. I quite like the concept but yeah... 60 pages is still quite a bit to do, and I'm trying to do a couple of other comics at the moment too.

  2. Added you on the 3DS, my code is - 1246-8706-1531

  3. SORRY. Pretty intense though. :P

  4. Oi. Password please.

  5. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

  6. Probably only a few games after 9pm but I'll be playing more at the weekend.

  7. Yeah it's in my sig. It's 0045-2214-4037 I'm gonna add you now.

  8. Added you on Smash Bros :)

  9. Hey added you on smash bros :)

  10. Added you on Smash Bros :)