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  1. DEAD END: My new show!

    Thanks guys! Just a quick vid that has a VERY brief shot of the artwork above to prove I'm legit. No new info, but I'm filming some stuff for this show soon to introduce myself, etc. It's gonna be good!
  2. DEAD END: My new show!

    I am the producer so essentially I can have as much involvement in it as I like. I've designed the characters, come up with the idea, written the scripts, storyboarded the scripts. I am now currently interviewing some directors, I think we're going with a woman who's past credits include Phineas and Ferb. We're also getting it animated by a British animation studio (probably), but it'll still be a Frederator Studios production (most of their shows are made by external animation studios) and we'll get a professional cast of voice actors. We're currently auditioning people who have credits that include Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Adventure Time and Archer.
  3. What celebrity do you look like?

    Dunno about me but @Paj\! looks exactly like a Young Zach Galifianakis
  4. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  5. Boss Battles

    I generally don't think Boss Battles are requuuuired all the time. A boss battle becomes pretty stale if you know they're coming all the time and you essentially know how to kill them because you've been given the item to do it earlier on. My favourite boss battles were the mini-bosses in Twilight Princess: the Dark Nut battles. They were so tense. I really don't understand why Skyward Sword didn't actually have more sword fights... seeing as it perfected sword fighting controls.
  6. N-E Awards 2012 - The Results

    Thanks everyone. I didn't even notice this until now as I just assumed I wasn't part of it. Thanks!
  7. When did you first learn about...

    I still don't really know what a vagina is.
  8. Zelda Hyrule Historia Artbook

    What actually is the limited edition? I never heard of it until everyone was complaining about their orders being cancelled. How does it differ?
  9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Well it's pretty obvious that people who own both games will be rewarded in some way, or have access to experiences that people who can't afford it don't.
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I really hate the whole "own two consoles and two games to get the complete gaming experience from what is essentially one game". I kind of want them to be completely different or ... I dunno... I can't come up with a way of working this which gets me excited rather than anxious about my bank balance.
  11. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Not marvel buuuut.
  12. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    I hope they have 3 extra triforce quests which are all 100 times longer. Not really. But the Triforce Quest is genuinely (honestly) my favourite part of the game, which is my favourite game... It's the only time in gaming I've felt like a proper explorer.
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    I'd really love them to expand the Great Sea to include some new, bigger islands. Maybe a customisable island that other WiiU users can visit... I would also love to see SS fighting controls but I think the confirmation that you can play it on the Gamepad sort of rules that out. The Pictobox might be easier to use with the game pad as well! Maybe they'll also be a Master Quest?
  14. I'm very, very rarely a complainer. I'm honest about my concerns but I'm usually very optimistic. I'm not disappointed in today's announcement because we didn't need to get an announcement. If I'm honest, I would have preferred them not to tell us that Mario and Mario Kart and stuff will be announced at E3... I'd much rather than just be a big surprise at E3... Even if it isn't particularly surprising. I'm only anxious in their actual ability to make games for their console. It seems too much of Nintendo's announcements come with apologies these days and I'm sad that they're struggling. I can tell they're doing what they think is best and trying hard but I kind of would like them to catch up soon and not start every announcement so negatively. I'm not angry at all. I never feel entitled to Nintendo games, I just feel they're not doing enough to answer the concerns of the naysayers when I know they have the ability to do. EDIT: I also took the Wind Waker remake to mean that the next new Zelda WON'T be in that art style, in order to give both sets of fans what they want... but that's just me.
  15. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    I think some of the unique colour pallet has been lost in the extreme lighting, but I can't wait to see Forbidden Fortress. It'd be nice if they expanded the Great Sea and made some new, bigger islands to explore. Wind Waker is my favourite game ever, but I'm more anxious than excited about this remake.
  16. I just feel like it's further evidence that Nintendo are REALLY struggling to make HD, while Ubisoft can crank out 3 Assassin's Creeds in a few years... I know they're all about quality but if they can't even show screenshots of Mario or Zelda or a logo, it just gets a bit worrying. EDIT: I think my definition of "megaton" is very different to other people's definitions.. confirmation that they're making games everybody in the world knows they are making...
  17. What were the megatons? I'm not being a negative arse, I literally don't know what people are excited about? EDIT: Zelda HD? Hmm... don't the other companies always release HD remakes of old games without much parade?
  18. Free game if you have a 3DS XL

    I still haven't got my code and I emailed them on Friday.
  19. Assassin's Creed III

    I've got this, but I'm trying to complete Batman first as there is only so much rooftop shenanigans I can handle.
  20. Things that people say that wind you up

    I hate the phrase "Strong female character". People who use the term "strong female character" are mostly male writers who are really bad at writing women. Mostly because they separate them into some different species other than human who only talk about the male characters or sex up every scene they're in. And it's so used and abused. For example Catwoman in Arkham City is so clearly written by a man who uses that term.
  21. I've got to the stage where I find it hard to be physically attracted to guys unless they've at least attempted a beard or facial hair. I also like people to be shorter than me. And accents are good. And I love a man in uniform... Wait...
  22. Things that people say that wind you up

    It is a bit different but if I'm having a sort of disagreement with someone but it isn't an argument yet and they say "alright, calm down", it will become an argument. You can debate and have a disagreement and still be calm but something about being told that I'm not calm makes me really angry!
  23. Pokemon Wii U (Wanted / Why isn't it happening?)

    I dunno why it is so hard for people to understand why Pocket Monsters is called Pocket Monsters.
  24. Geeky Garb - What's Your Limit?

    I only own three and it's this one: Which is sort of acceptable and this one: Which is so unacceptable that it's kind of... acceptable? Anyone? And this one: Which I only wear to like... Doctor Who things...