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  1. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    I thought I made my points incredibly clear but I'm not going to bother anymore. This video has clearly got under your skin and you won't listen to my points. This is clearly a hate thread. And yes, you called me idiotic and made assumptions about my personal life and beliefs which were uncalled for. I'm not insulted, but talking like that does nothing for your arguments. Try to argue your points without such a god awful tone and maybe people might take you more seriously in the future. (And yes, I am giggling and saying someone's got a bee in their bonnet because seriously, look at your reaction to an online video someone made about princess peach and tell me that it's a justified response.)
  2. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    Woah. Someone is defensive. I largely was just saying "she's having fun by analysing well loved things" and you stoop to personal insults. Also Kickstarter does not allow you to use it for charity purposes. As has been stated, she'll probably use the money to make more DVDs because of the higher demand. I contributed to zine which only intened to make around $1000 so that they could make (among other things) about 200 copies of the zine. They ended up making $15,000 and so made a lot more zines because of their higher demand. I find it funny that a person making a video about Princess Peach can get this much anger. EDIT: I just find it funny that I almost posted this video here yesterday being all "Awesome video about women in video games!" but didn't because I knew something like this would happen. I literally cannot work out what's so controversial about saying "Nintendo should make more games where Peach isn't kidnapped". I mean she comes close to praising Princess Zelda as a character!
  3. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    She challenges geek stuff, geeks get passionately vocal, she's a woman... she's bound to get hate. I can imagine if Charlie Brooker had made the same points he'd be getting universal praise.
  4. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    It should always be noted that feminist analysis is a lot of the time not a genuine criticism but a intentionally nitpick-y comprehension of a text from a female perspective. A lot of what she says might be contradicted by future videos but that's the reason why they're put into different videos because each one begins with her analysing a game from a different angle. Games are largely designed for white, straight, young men (whether or not they are the people who play them) so I don't see the harm in having fun dissecting them from a different point of view. This isn't an attack on gaming, she's not asking anyone to boycott them (she goes out of her way to express how fun games are and how they hold a special place in her heart) she's just having fun. And the videos are very interesting and watchable. I don't understand why so many people are resistent to learning or being questioned or challenged. This means that yes, there will be contradictions such as "The Sexy Villainess" and "Unattractive Equals Evil". Also the idea of a "trope" isn't inherently negative. They can be used as short hand in story telling, which is often needed in gaming as plot is usually of secondary importance. However, many of the tropes in gaming are anti-women because of the long held belief that games are played only by men. This just isn't true and hopefully the publicity of these videos will make game developers rethink their female characters (or lack thereof).
  5. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    To be fair she only ASKED for $6,000. The rest of the money was from supporters who WANTED her to have that money. Are you saying that you would have stopped excepting donations if people were genuinely willing to give it? I say go her! I would have taken the money that I'd earned!
  6. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    I love her and every single one of her videos. And I find it funny that everyone that has a problem with the video tends to be male gamers, and the point of this video is to say that women who play games can often feel very uncomfortable with their representation. She also makes it very clear that it's ok to keep enjoying these games (people hardly play Mario for the plot) but to be aware of these things, and to demand better from game developers. The fact that they didn't even put fucking Toadette as a playable character in NSMB Wii is just abysmal, let alone the more obvious Peach choice. There is no reason for not putting more playable female characters in games which is not sexist. EDIT: Also about Kickstarter? You think she just turns on a camera and starts talking? Kickstarters can be used to fund projects in terms of working hours. I know someone who used Kickstarter to make their webcomic their job. They do it digitally and no page costs money to produce but it meant they could work full time on it as a job because making comics takes bloody ages. I'm assuming she counts the time it takes to write, research and edit as her "work hours" and she wants to make these videos as a job. Which I think is great because they are viral, informative and make people discuss things they often try to ignore.
  7. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  8. Parks and Recreation

    I'm trying to get every one to watch this! First season isn't THAT bad, but all the performances are a bit off (Donna is like what??). I just hope people stick with it.
  9. ZombiU

    Got really angry with this game yesterday.
  10. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Aww thanks so much! Have something Amazing
  11. Wreck-It Ralph

    I couldn't believe there wasn't a thread for the movie on the forum (there is for the game but ... blegh... disney tie in games) The new trailer makes this look so amazing. Like a video-game Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  12. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Wow! That brought back memories! Really excited to get this next month now! Aaand I defeated it first time with my old favourite, the Lance. But this is a good demo which will allow me to try out the other weapons. No tutorial is pretty stupid and the controls are pretty lame anyway. They're just not ... logical at all! Also I was surprised that the game pad was not used at all. Would make inventories a lot easier.
  13. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Both I believe! I'd like to join you guys again in this, and join right from the beginning! So we are all more evenly levelled and I'm not sure the one tagging along at the end stealing XP.
  14. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  15. Brighton to open gender-neutral toilets

    I support gender neutral toilets but not the phasing out of male / female toilets. I feel everyone should have the option. I personally a few women who've told me how uncomfortable they would be going into a bathroom that could potentially have men in it late at night.
  16. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

    It's my favourite Mario franchise and I'm so glad Sticker Star didn't kill this series. And the plot sounds just as amazing as previous stories!
  17. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    I think Dr. Connors bought some special elastic ones after waking up indecent in the sewer way too often.
  18. Pope Benedict XVI Retires

    I'm fine with this, I just hope he comes back to film the regeneration scene.
  19. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    last week - this week -
  20. Wreck-It Ralph

    I went to a screening of this at the BFI with the director and Sarah Silverman Q & A. She was hilarious as always (when a kid said "I loved you in School of Rock" she said "Hell yeah, and how right was I? I needed that rent money!") They said that Nintendo really wanted them to put Mario in but he needed to have a good moment and deserved more than a cameo. When it became clearer that they were possibly making a sequel, they decided to give him a bigger moment there. Nintendo apparently also wanted Pikachu but they thought Pokémon was bigger than video games. Nintendo was very happy with Bowser being in the film and wanted lots more. But I'm glad the film only puts those characters in cameos... the 4 leads are perfect in their own right (are are basically Mario, Donkey Kong and Samus anyway)
  21. DEAD END: My new show!

    Not that it is particularly new information but Cartoon Hangover released the official blurb of the pilot.
  22. What celebrity do you look like?

    I still genuinely believe Young Zach Galifianakis is better looking than all of those combined.
  23. Guardians of the Galaxy

    I will take a space opera with Chris Pratt and a talking racoon over any other generic super hero movie Marvel poops out any day!
  24. DEAD END: My new show!

    I answered some of that in this thread, Ashley asked. As for episode length, all that has been commissioned so far is a 5-minute pilot with the option to make 6 10 minute episodes after that. (Which would essentially be 3-TV episodes, as every Adventure Time episode (for example) is 2 10-minute shorts.) However, if these are all popular I'm sure we'll make. It does mean I'll literally be promoting this to high heaven come summer as the future of the show depends on the success of this. Here's a new promo shot of the group:
  25. DEAD END: My new show!

    I pitched to them and I included something similar to the image above but with very wonky designs and then a description of the series as a whole and the pilot episode and they then sent me the original storyboard they were sent for Adventure Time, and said "make something like this" so I did, and a few weeks later I signed the contract.