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  1. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  2. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    So I redesigned my redesign of Emma Frost Also did Ant-man The Fantastic Four AND NOW YOU CAN ORDER THE BOOK! http://hamishsteele.bigcartel.com/product/marvelous-mondays-1
  3. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  4. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    I promised my Canadian friend I'd draw Alpha Flight, the Canadian Avengers. So here are parts 1 and 2... the rest will be all this week.
  5. Marriage

    I'm in that weird space where I completely 100% get that marriage is a rather archaic and disturbing institution and that as a gay person I shouldn't conform to the heteronormative lifestyle just to be a "good little gay" and like every argument against marriage I completely agree with... But then I also wanna wear a nice suit and kiss my boyfriend in front of my family and have a party and nice food... (Also if you're not religious, it's actually VERY HARD to get married in a Church... the vicar or whatever has to meet with you and more often then not if you've never actually BEEN to Church they'll reject you).
  6. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    I also drew Wonder Woman
  7. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  8. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    This was last week's And I'm currently drawing something I promise @ReZourceman a long time ago...
  9. I emailed Nintendo to ask if my download for Animal Crossing would be sent at midnight or tomorrow and they said "due to the nature of our promotion, codes will be sent out up to 7 working days after release" I'm pretty distraught, I really hope it comes tomorrow... it essentially was the plan for this weekend.
  10. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    Cat Mario is literally vomit-educing. I can see the horrific DeviantArt monstrosities already. EVERYthing else is great! Although I did at first think it was a trailer for a Mario Party game... 3D Land is one of the best Mario games ever... just Galaxy is a LITTLE better.
  11. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I'm so glad Bowser finally looks like Bowser and I never understood the sliding... Was it a reference to something? Like... why did he slide? It made no sense... I always thought it was just lazy animation...
  12. I'm 1246-8706-1531 Can't wait for this game to take over my life!
  13. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    The way I see it, Smash Bros should be about representing the variety of Nintendo games on offer. I'd much rather have characters like the Wii Fit Trainer and the Villager who aren't your first thought for a fighting game, then yet more Fire Emblem or Zelda secondary characters who are only in it because they have swords. There's still some great Nintendo franchises not represented. Punch Out!, Pushmo, Staffy!
  14. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  15. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    His description is so similar to Wanda's I can't be bothered to post it.
  16. DEAD END: My new show!

    Barbara the Ghost!
  17. DEAD END: My new show!

    Thanks for the support guys. Have a Pugsley!
  18. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    I always forget to update this thread, sorry.
  19. DEAD END: My new show!

    Update! So a lot has happened! Here are some character turn arounds. And today I directed the first day of recording the voices! The cast are great! Angelique Perrin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Zack Pearlman (MTV's The Inbetweeners), Cameron Goodman (Phineas and Ferb) and Stefan Marks (Mass Effect 2 and 3). There is also an official blog full of fan art and other stuffs for you to follow if you're interested! http://deadendcartoon.cartoonhangover.com/
  20. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Doing a special week of Iron Man characters.
  21. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  22. Doctor Who

    I thought it was a good episode and very glossy with great costumes, special effects, etc... so... why couldn't they have afforded better rubber hands for the monster? like... seriously??
  23. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    TO SEE ALL THESE CLOSE UP, CLICK HERE - http://marvelousmondays.tumblr.com/post/47489756252/click-to-see-panorama-life-was-good-for-tony
  24. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Is that a good reaction of a bad reaction? :P
  25. Marvel-ous Monday!!