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  1. Mario Kart League 2015

    I think my results of last, last, first show how frantic that mode really is. Unfortunately, i am OUT this week. But will be in next.
  2. Mario Kart League 2015

    My best week in a LONG time. That combo really seemed to work for me??
  3. Mario Kart League 2015

    I'm sorry, I'm out again. People keep booking stuff on Thursdays. I'll be there next Thursday for definite though.
  4. Mario Kart League 2015

    I'm OUT this week I'm afraid. Sorry!
  5. Mario Kart League 2015

    I'm in! (I'm always in but wanted to let you know)
  6. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    There's also video footage which has since been taken down...
  7. Mario Kart League 2015

    Same problem! I can't connect either!
  8. Mario Kart League 2015

    @Glen\-i sent a friend request to you!
  9. Mario Kart League 2015

    I'm in this week (I'm down as always in but wasn't last week). Looking forward to it!
  10. Mario Kart League 2015

    Is it possible for me to sign up to the "Always In" list but actually miss this first week? I know that's a bit odd but I'm keen to totally join the League again - but I'm busy this week.
  11. I have the issue of what this magazine used to be when it reviewed Mario 64. Sad day!
  12. Smash Bros 3DS Import Thread *SPOILERS INSIDE*

    I feel Duck Hunt Dog was put in to replace Ice Climbers in terms of obscure, Gen 1 characters. I doubt think we'll be getting a new Duck Hut game.
  13. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Shulk does have his British accent in the Western version
  14. Nintendo 3DS Direct - 29/08/2014 - 12pm

    Shulk does have a British voice in the Western version
  15. Nintendo 3DS Direct - 29/08/2014 - 12pm

    Talking about the leak
  16. Nintendo 3DS Direct - 29/08/2014 - 12pm

    The Xenoblade level looks gorgeous! Shulk looks great and different enough to the other sword characters but yeah... that level really sells the world too. I would love them to get his British voice actor back but doubt it'll happen.
  17. Pokken Tournament (Wii U Spring 2016)

    Aren't all Tekken / Soul Calibur games Japan only arcade games that then get ported? Surely the interest is high enough for this?
  18. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Is it just me or is there something still slightly wrong with Palutena? I feel like it's her colour saturation... she looks like a Brawl Assist Trophy rather than a character...
  19. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Guess that's the leaks confirmed then...
  20. Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

    I doesn't really need an explanation because its Shelder thats the one evolving. Slowpoke doesn't change design really that much at all, the whole Slowpoke line is actually an alt-evolution line for Shelder.
  21. Samus Aran - Going in the right direction?

    My only problem is her boobs because they're genuinely impossible... she's wearing skin-tight material that somehow doesn't squish them in any way? It's VeeeeeeeEEEeeerrry male gaze. Especially how they've changed her gun shooting pose so that we can get a good look of them (even though this means breaking her arm). It just seems so out of place in the ensemble.
  22. DEAD END: My new show!

    I dunno if you guys have heard of Cartoon Hangover but they're pretty excellent and make online shows such as Bravest Warriors and the like. Cartoon Hangover - http://cartoonhangover.com/ Well yeah anyway... I've been commissioned to make a show for them! I'm the producer and everything and it's all amazing! I'll post updates in this thread. The pilot will be airing this summer but CH are really keen to promote it heavily. So far this is the only official image for the series. It's kind of like... Spaced meets Scooby Doo meets Hausu... or something... It's about students flat-sharing in a haunted house with a dark, twisted history. The first episode features a ghost trapped in the wifi.
  23. DEAD END: My new show!

    So yeah! It's now officially out! It's doing well but could always do with my spreading around etc. We're not sure just yet what will be happening with Dead End - I really want to take it further but who knows! It might live on as a comic or something.
  24. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen on the current gen! Whispy Woods looks incredible!
  25. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    After the popularity of my Batman redesigns (which you can now buy a sticker set of hereeee: http://hamishsteele.bigcartel.com/product/gotham-sticker-set ) I have decided to redesign Marvel characters every monday! I was going to make this thread earlier but now that I'm a few weeks in, I've got more to show you. So here we go!