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  1. I'm pretty upset with this game. After the first season, lots of grinding and some online matches, I get the impression this game is more like Game Dev Story. You choose a couple of options, train your team, watch the cute animations for 10min and repeat.


    It was all very exhilarating in the beginning, but after the first season without going through, finding about special teams that give you special combos (that I grinded many hours to try and find some of) and a menu that lists those found but doesn't allow you to apply the special combos from it... There's no way I can forgive Nintendo for charging a £13 for a game that feels like a fiver.


    By the way, any plans to create a league?

  2. Yes you can. If you watch the video you will see that there are several occasions where Samus runs into an open 3D area to fight a boss etc, and also you will see that there are clips of Samus running down a corridor but she doesn't just run right to left, at times she runs towards the screen itself. Hence the need for 3D controls. Her planes of movement are not limited to simple right/left/up/down, but in/out (shake it all about) as well.


    Sorry, I meant in First Person...

  3. I foresee a twisted ending where Samus only remaining option is to drop a power bomb and get outta there toot sweet.
    Isn't that what Jeff Gerstmann said on his hands-on of the demo (check for the Metroid: Other M hands-on on Giant Bomb, since I'm not allowed to put urls just yet)?


    About the game, I have my reservations though.