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  1. it IS a grower! I'm loving the album now after being initially unimpressed. Quite nice to have on while doing other things.
  2. My god. I felt like getting a cd today. I saw this and remembered there being a thread here about it with some great reviews. Not heard much Bjork but I thought "meh, i'll give it a go" The first track is now over and i'm listening to some awful boat horn noises. I really hope this is a grower...
  3. Woah they've really done a good job on the cell shaded graphics there. Looks lovely in motion. The actual gameplay looks a bit simple though and I was hoping for a fully explorable springfield rather than a level based platformer.
  4. manchester you say? I might give that a whirl seen as though I'm already here.
  5. I gave it a listen but it sounds a bit amateurish. I realise it sort of is, I'm just not that into it. It all sounds like the stuff that's easily knocked up in something like ejay.
  6. Remember though, that all this is still from the perspective of Future Hiro. It's all his opinion, doesn't make it fact. Also remember the whole point of that episode when he meets the waitress. The message there was you can't change the future (hinting to a single timeline story) The only anomaly with that story is that she doesn't remember hiro but she does look at him weirdly as if she remembers something and she does still have the japanese phrasebook that he gave her. She could have easily been bagged and tagged (and had her short term memory wiped) between meeting hiro in her past and meeting him at the moment you first see in the cafeteria.
  7. But the point is, Hiro mightn't have known that Sylar used D.L's power. Future Hiro didn't know that Claire was even alive until Past Hiro confirmed that Peter saved her. In the 1 time line theory, claire might always have been alive but only because FHiro -thought- that she was dead (because of her going undercover to escape linderman and her dad's lot) so he went back in time to tell Peter to save her. Fact is, she was ALWAYS alive. Say sylar played along when Hiro stabs him and pretends to die (hell in the painting he did after he killed Isaac, it suggested that he was to pose as nathan so what a great opportunity it would be to fake your own death so everyone stops trying to hunt you down) Hiro wanders off after 'killing' him and Sylar makes his escape. Hiro comes back to find Sylar gone. Much later future hiro looks back through the news clippings and finds out Sylar went to kill a cheerleader (and successfully killed a 'cheerleader' remember) and assumed Sylar killed claire, as Claire is now undercover unknown to hiro and assumes that that's how Sylar survived Hiro killing him) The bomb goes off (peter) and nathan announces to the world that it was Sylar that exploded to protect Peter. Sylar now kills nathan at some point and poses as him. FHiro hears Nathan tell the world that it was Sylar that exploded and assumes that Sylar is now dead but came back after he (Hiro) killed him because he had claires re-gen power. This now sets off FHiro's actions and explains a lot within a single timeline (eg. the time travel bits in harry potter prisoner of azkaban) The only thing it doesn't explain is regarding the fact PHiro knows that Peter saved Claire whereas FHiro doesn't. FHiro should surely remember this. Could be easily explained though by some kind of memory loss brought on by the explosion or a memory extracted from him by The Haitian. This also means that the future really can't be changed (because the future is always there and changes made to the past have already had effect in the present) and that Peter will still explode. Maybe this is why the next series is rumoured to be dealing more with the parents of the heroes (I sense a sort of prequel coming especially as I read mohindar's dead sister will feature) instead of advancing the story forwards. I'll try and draw a time map similar to the one above if anyone fancies it? I still love a single timeline, paradox-free explanation to all this rather then a multiple timeline/realities one.
  8. I think there was definitely talk of DL being dead but not that he was killed by the explosion. One theory I have is that Sylar didn't actually re-gen but that he had already killed DL and used that power to make Hiro's sword pass straight through him, faking his own death.
  9. Is it worth buying for someone who's not a huge fan of the Manics? Do they do much different? The main problem I have with the band is that a lot of their songs have a very identifiable Manics sound that I've got a bit bored with.
  10. But it says spoilers in the thread title. There aren't actually ever any real spoilers posted here anyway besides the occasional trailer links that Dante posts. Talking about an episode that's already aired isn't really classed as 'spoiler'. It's your own fault for clicking on such a thread when you know the latest eps are released on Wednesday. Just stay away until you get to see it yourself.
  11. Me neither! But then I couldn't wait for this weeks episode the way the trailers hyped it up. Didn't reveal anything new (beside the connection between Locke and Sawyer but that's been blatantly obvious for a while) and didn't really advance the story much at all.
  12. That episode was so DAMN good! It all had a single timeline to it too which I loved. None of that multiple timeline/realities shit. That means that it really looks like the new york disaster will still happen though. Best series of a programme EVER.
  13. Agreed, I really don't get the attraction. In her younger days I quite fancied her but now she's really icky. I'm not keen on short hair anyway but I think a lot of me not liking her is when I see her in interviews. She's always so butch and like a slimy man. If I wanted the butch type, I'd turn gay!
  14. Regarding the crash site and Naomi saying it was found and there were no survivors, I think it could quite easily be a set up by 'somebody' (not necessarily dharma) There seems to have been a lot of scientific research been going on on the island and the others at least have been looking into something to do with pregnancy. Now, obviously the entire world is pretty much against using humans as test subjects for major things and not many people would agree to participate in scientific research that could endanger their lives. If a plane full of passengers crashes on your island then they're perfect human test subjects! Remember in Season 1, when it was noticed that the tide was coming up the shore at a pretty fast rate, washing all the fuselage away? This meant they had to take camp right up to the edge of the jungle. Now, what if this tide rising was controlled by something or someone? What if everything on the island was? They need this plane wreckage to be found so the world stops looking for the passengers, giving them their free test subjects. So maybe the tide rose to wash the fuselage out to a place away from the island and beyond the probable protective 'bubble' that's hiding the place from the world. Maybe that's how they did it. It'd certainly not involve multiple timelines like current theories going around. I'm really not keen on the multiple timeline thing at all, I think they can easily get very messy if the writing isn't absolutely perfect. I prefer time travel stories that have a straight timeline. Best popular example I can think of is in prisoner of azkaban (the book) when their future selves are always there in the present, just not seen or not known as such. So nothing really "changes" in reality.
  15. No offense but... lol! I guess that extra bit all matters at your age. I think the best question is what do you want from it? You can do sexual things without jumping to actual sex if that's your main worry. If you're happy to just let things lie at that then go for it, get some experience. If you don't want full sex then don't but go explore your sexual side. If however you're looking for something more from this girl (ie some kind of relationship) then steer way clear. She sounds like the type that will mess you around badly. Just see how things go and go with whatever feels best at the time. Don't overthink this and whatever you do DON'T worry about it. A lot of girls at that age can be all talk anyway because they like to seem more 'mature' and they think being experienced makes them seem older. There's a high chance she's not as experienced as she makes out. Just have fun and don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.
  16. haha yeah I was just about to say that! Is Office 2007 worth PAYING for? I'm weird in that I like to legitimately own things.
  17. Awesome ep. I'm amazed at how often Heroes hit the mark. Even the couple of duff episodes we've had this season have been 'okay' rather than 'poor'. The rest have just been awesome. From the trailer, the next ep looks pretty damn interesting by the looks of things.
  18. Yeah? There are fake press releases sent out every year from games companies. And why not?, ISM aren't the Olympic Committee who I'd agree, probably wouldn't be involved in an April Fool like this. Maybe it is true but I'll still hold judgement until after April 1st. Whichever way it turns out, they've still released this now to silence all the NiGHTS chatter for a bit. EDIT: Oh and the website isn't so much a website. It's just one single page.
  19. This sounds like a total April Fool. I mean, the quote from Shiggsy sounds way off. "We can finally learn who is the faster, Mario or Sonic?" Err Sonic, duh. I'll reserve judgement until after April 1st. I think they're just doing it a bit earlier to try and muffle all the NiGHTS excitement going around.
  20. Awww I just got all excited and was about to zoom over there and spend all of my stars on wii points! There's loads of VC games that I want at the moment
  21. Thanks for that but they're still not links to SPOnG and neither of them seem to be direct quotes from the site. So I still don't know if the calims are true or if it's over-eager nintendo fan boys interpretating things wrongly. I notice one of those links mentioned BigTac. SPOnG are certainly more often correct than that fraud that everyone here seemed to worship not so long ago.
  22. link? That's a complete guess by you. Thought about it a different way? They hear rumours and then ask their insiders about them. As well as "jumping on rumours" they've also correctly debunked a fair few. BECAUSE they're not the biggest most popular video games website on the net!! They rely on leaked information from their insiders. They probably don't have the best relationship with certain publishers through traditional means because they're known not to abide by embargos. Say IGN posted some genuine info that they'd received through some inside source that shouldn't have told them anything. Publishers would then be more unlikely to give IGN as many (any?) exclusives for putting out information that they didn't want released. The news items and exclusives IGN and co put out are controlled by the publishers. They abide by the publishers embargos in return for being trusted with knowledge. SPOnG gets its info through leaks so are less likely to be trusted by publishers. They still get their exclusives though, just before the publishers wanted them out. This is why the entirety of the gaming press hates on SPOnG - They break embargos and get the exclusives that other sites might have already secured.
  23. Lol. SPOnG never back up their claims because if they ever let on who the people are that are leaking information in various companies then those people would be instantly fired! It just irritates me the way everyone jumps on the hating SPOnG bandwagon yet noone ever backs up their claims with a single link to a SPOnG article that was drastically wrong. Livelihoods don't rest on you or anyone else providing a link to accessible information.
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