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  1. Okee Fused, heb je toegevoegd, sorry dat het even duurde.

  2. Ga je nu net invoegen, F-King

  3. Weet je zeker dat de goede code hebt ingevuld, zowel bij jezelf als bij die van mij, want je ik voeg je nu net toe en je verschijnt nog niet met je Mii en alles....

  4. Mario Kart 7

    Nice to see that, Fused King, hope that thumb gets better soon.
  5. Mario Kart 7

    Just got this game yesterday, and been trying to unlock every character in the 150 cc before going online with it. Seems like a more smoother and fun version of Mario Kart DS if I have to compare it. Also love the new Rainbow Road's music to no end.
  6. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    At Jav NE:
  7. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I've been playing this game for about 2 weeks straight and just beated it last Tuesday with everything collected.
  8. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I just finished this game with the minimal requirement of 70 stars, and so far, I have to say this much about the game, guys: It is simply....A MASTERPIECE! Seriously, everything about this game is so well-designed, it's almost impossible not to appreciate everything. The music is gorgeous, ranging from many new ones to a few re-used ones fron the first Galaxy, and even some remixes of old Mario games songs. The environments are stunningly beautiful, especially in the water worlds to my appeal, and gameplay-wise the game's just 100% fun to play. Though that doesn't mean the game is easy. It's obviously no joke that Miyamoto said he wanted this game to be more difficult than the original, and boy howdy did they succeed at that by a long shot! The first few galaxy's may be easy for veteran Mario players, but especially in the later stages the hazards become SO incredibly tough, it surpasses Sunshine in terms of difficult platforming, but with enough practice in the stages, you'll be able to clear them just fine. Anybody who loves platforming and wants a good game on the Wii now, don't hesitate, buy this now!
  9. Sure bud', I just posted in the meet-up thread :laughing:


    Are we friends? Just in case: 2707-3054-0517


    After MK League kk : peace:

  10. Probably only a few games after 9pm but I'll be playing more at the weekend.

  11. Added you now as well, when are you planning to play tonight?

  12. Yeah it's in my sig. It's 0045-2214-4037 I'm gonna add you now.

  13. Hey there, may I know your FC for Brawl, if I may add you for a match tonight?

  14. Hey, Beverage, can we play some Brawl matches tonight?