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  1. How was your day?

    Meh I lied. Still I feel fucking awesome. And that's as much as I'm willing to say. When are we playing gears? :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Legalising Weed In The UK

    I can't wait to smoke weed.
  3. Beers & Gears!

    Where is everyone? Jeez I got drunk especially for this and no one's online.
  4. What games are you looking forward to?

    Just Madworld and maybe Tales of Symphonia 2.
  5. Beers & Gears!

    Hopefully, I will. I'm not too sure I'll be drunk though. Am I still allowed to play even if I'm sober?
  6. Beers & Gears!

    I've PM'd you a 1 Month code dude. Enjoy.
  7. Beers & Gears!

    Again? sarcasm
  8. Exam Results 2008!

    Congratulations everyone. I hope no one was too disappointed with their results.
  9. Beers & Gears!

    Gears of War? Drunk? That might just be the best thing ever.
  10. Take My Love And Pass It On

    Fierce have you been drinking again? Don't worry so have i. Anyway something nice to say about Fierce Link... Hmmm. Fuck you're pretty much the soul of this forum dude, never leave. Compliments are niiiiiice.
  11. People Who Need To Be Punched In The Face

    You people are far too violent. Please don't hurt me.
  12. All I remember about Sonic 2 is Chemical Plant Zone. But damn, the music of that stage alone is enough to make the entire game the best Sonic ever.
  13. Bow to your lord and master!

    Your life burns faster, Obey your master. Happy Birthday Master Tphi.
  14. Wii MotionPlus- 1:1 add on

    Until I see some games using this decently I'm going to remain firmly unimpressed with this new peripheral.
  15. Best console of all time?

    The PC will always reign almighty. Except it isn't a console so I'll say the N64 for nostalgia's sake.
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Wait a minute... People found Bioshock scary?
  17. The Music Thread.

    Take away 'The Gloaming' and add 'Go to Sleep', 'Where I End and You Begin', 'A Punchup at a Wedding' and 'A Wolf at the Door'. Hail to the Thief is a great album, I almost feel guilty for ignoring it for so long.
  18. Your perfect body?

    Of course it goes with out saying that I have some teeth problems like every other person in this thread although they are only superficial. I also have an abundance of moles on my upper body although they aren't obtrusive and are not causing me any problems. Apart from those two features I am perfectly happy with the rest of my body.
  19. Happy_Birthday

    Happy Birthday McPhee.
  20. Quantum of Solace 007 (CoD 4 engine)

    Personally I think this looks hideous.
  21. Anime and manga discussion

    There's a lot of differences in the Manga as well such as Kaworu's early arrival and crueler personality as well as Shinji's preference of Rei. I think it's a safe bet in saying the anime, manga and the Rebuild movies are in different continuities/realities.