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  1. Guitar Hero: World Tour

    Definitely getting the World Tour peripherals over the Rock Band ones now. The £150 deals with the extra guitar are impossible to resist, I'll just buy Rock Band separately.
  2. Rate the last game you played

    Team Fortress 2 - 9/10 I can think of nothing more satisfying than trolling snipers and engineers as the spy.
  3. Monster Hunter Tri

    Those are some pretty low res scans. Doesn't look like much of a step up to the PS2 versions to me.
  4. Anime and manga discussion

    Loving the role-play dudes. On-Topic: I should really watch Cowboy Bebop shouldn't I?
  5. User Image Gallery

    Oh my fucking God. You've become one skinny mother Jordan.
  6. Rock Band

    Does anyone know where the cheapest deals for this on the 360 are at the moment? Online I can only find around £135 at best (new) but I think there's some good in-store deals going on at the moment because of the cross platform release.
  7. Anime and manga discussion

    Yep. I'm pretty sure the Emperor was threatening to cause Third Impact. I lol'ed.
  8. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    It hurts to read threads like these when things turn sour. Especially when I remember that I used to be at the frontlines of these petty arguments.
  9. The Music Thread.

    Hahaha. I imagine Lars Ulrich is going to be extremely pissed. *downloads*
  10. Beers & Gears!

    I'll try and make it. I should really add you Dan; that may be the sole reason why I never participate in your Gears games.
  11. People say nice things?
  12. Anime and manga discussion

    Code Geass really is terrible. I can't stop watching it though.
  13. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    PC Version definately. I'm not making the same mistake I did with the Orange Box.
  14. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    You're looking a bit rough around the edges there Disaster.
  15. Exam Results 2008!

    Congratulations Spirited. You beat me; much respect. I got: English Lit: A* English Language: A* Maths:A Biology: A Physics: A Chemistry: A Geography:A* History: A Media Studies: A* IT: A French: B R.E.: B (Got this last year) I'm really pleased with these results.
  16. User Image Gallery

    I'll just leave this. Right. Here... Fuck Yeah.... I'm not crying
  17. Exam Results 2008!

    Here. We. Go. *twitches and fidgets*
  18. Fears

    Nothing really.
  19. Beers & Gears!

    No Gears again tonight? Why do you people always raise my hopes just so you can crush them?
  20. Anime and manga discussion

    "I feel sick." I love Evangelion seriously though I really do feel ill
  21. How was your day?

    You better believe it dude. Over the past few months I've learned to cheer up. Say goodbye to old moody fucker. The new happy McMadness is here to stay bitches. I love all of you. Yeah take that fuckers.
  22. Beers & Gears!

    Just died? Fuck. That may be the worst timing ever.
  23. How was your day?

    brenner? I wish. Mmmm breakfast and dinner in one that's fucking unbelievable. I'd wank to that shit.