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  1. Save GameCentral.

    Their sarcasm and harsh critique is exactly what I'm in the mood for on early weekday mornings. Plus the mailbag is always a laugh. I'd rather this stayed than having to watch BBC Breakfast or the wombles...
  2. The Music Thread.

    Yeah the whole album is pretty great... Apart from Treefingers...
  3. The Music Thread.

    I'll never understand the hype around Idioteque. Not to put it down but I find so many of the other tracks on Kid A far more remarkable than that particular one. (The first four songs foremost.)
  4. Holy crap I remember playing The Bouncer years ago. It was a pretty average beat em up in all honesty but it sure was pretty for its time. Back on the topic of RPGs did anyone else find the Persona games disappointing?
  5. Twitter

    I can't muster the courage to make a Facebook profile let alone bother getting a Twitter. Curse you Social Networking!
  6. Zelda Wii: Does it need to change?

    My fears have been confirmed. It's strange that its taking them so long to make yet another conventional Zelda game.
  7. Reggie wants ideas!

    Maybe I jumped the gun a little too soon. I now remember the pacing at the end of Twilight Princess being comically different to that of the rest of the game. Funnily enough I was replaying the game recently but got bored after the Sky Temple. If I had completed it I would have possibly avoided making a fool out of myself.
  8. Reggie wants ideas!

    Let's hear some reasons.
  9. Reggie wants ideas!

    I refuse to believe that Twilight Princess was rushed. They had 4 years of development time and all they did with the port was remap the controls and flip the map. And if there really was a significant amount of content left out of the game I doubt it would have been superior to the content they deemed worthy to implement. Now I would have believed you if you had said Phantom Hourglass was rushed because only a complete monster would have thought that The Temple of the Ocean King was a good idea.
  10. Reggie wants ideas!

    Treasure would make a mean Star Fox game methinks. Zelda should definitely be outsourced as it seems Aonuma and his team's ideas are starting to get stale. I'd rather Square Enix stayed away from Nintendo IPs as the company seems unable to produce worthwhile games anymore.
  11. God of War III

    Watching trailers of this game I find the violence in it somewhat disturbing. For me there's just something distressing about being able to manipulate Kratos into spilling the organs of a beast and tearing a man's head off. Maybe I'm just a wimp.
  12. You guys could easily save yourselves a lot of time and simply agree to disagree. It's not like these kind of arguments ever reach a proper conclusion.
  13. I've never enjoyed any of the 2D Zelda games - Phantom Hourglass included. I find Animal Crossing tedious. Mario Kart Wii seemed average in the aftermath of the DS iteration. I absolutely loathe Pokemon.
  14. VIII doesn't have it anywhere near as bad as IX or XII.
  15. I really didn't like Midna. And I really didn't like that she was essentially the main character of Twilight Princess.
  16. Did Nintendos E3 Inspire You?

    It was an average E3 really for Nintendo compared to their best. Still it was better than last year which I had the fortune of missing. Funnily enough seeing Other M inspired me to play Super Metroid again. I'm currently lost in Brinstar after getting the Reserve Energy Tank. Afterwards I'll probably boot up Prime again.
  17. Miyamoto's Roundtable

    Doesn't light make vampires burst into flames?
  18. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Huh? In the continuity of this thread where the hell did this comment come from?
  19. Can God commit suicide?

    Define "Can".
  20. Miyamoto's Roundtable

    Stylistically that picture is a bit too much like Twilight Princess for my liking. It also seems like the side-kick for the game has already been confirmed then. I just hope this one doesn't slight Princess Zelda as much as Midna did. And Miyamoto says Link is meant to look older? He looks pretty much the same as he did in Twilight Princess.