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  1. Sig, Avatar requests.

    I'm having a bit of trouble uploadng my sig onto imageshack, can someone help me out?
  2. Sig, Avatar requests.

    That's awesome Sprout, cheers! :bow:
  3. N64 Must Buys (please)

    Get Conker's Bad Fur day, it will make you wet yourself.
  4. Sig, Avatar requests.

    Could i get a Final Fantasy (preferably 7) sig or a Sonic the Hedgehog sig please and could it have my name on it? :aww:
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog

    I can't trust your Wikipedia source because it is unreliable since Wikipedia is all about submitting information this info could wrong a source like IGN would be more reliable. And Your gamespot source says this: "TOKYO--Last week, Sega thrilled millions of Sonic fans by announcing it was developing a game starring the blue hedgehog for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360." It does not say 'It will not be coming out for the revolution'. And i can't access your SEGA source because it would take my computer ages to download the Japanese text. Also Lego Star Wars was released this year for X-Box and PS2, it wasn't released for the gamecube or announced for it either but last month at the games developer conference eidos had a stand which had a playable version of Lego Star Wars for the gamecube which is due to be released in the next few months. So even though your sources say 'for X-Box 360 and Playstation 3' it doesn't mean it won't come out for the Revolution. Any way why do you so strongly believe it won't be coming out for the Revolution, it seems like Nintendo deserve this title more than the other two console considering all the success the Gamecube has given Sonic.
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog

    1.No-one has said that it is not coming to the Revolution. 2.Have you got any proof to back up your claims? :wink: Gotcha!
  7. Sonic the Hedgehog

    It has neither been confimed or denied, but it is probable that we could see this game in some form or the other on the Revolution. Maybe there will be an entirely new Sonic game for the Revolution altogether, but considering Sonic's success on Nintendo platforms it's likely that Sonic will be on the Revolution.
  8. Resi 5 & Sonic!?!

    I think Nintendo are just playing it safe with the whole shell idea here incase the 'remote' isn't as popular as first thought. But what could then differentiate the Revolution from the other consoles...
  9. This Month's NOM.

    EXAXTLY! I mean Metroid Prime 2 was a good game but it was no way better than it's predacessor, but since NOM are such a bunch of queers they gave the game 97%. Then a few months later Resident Evil 4 comes out and they give it 95%! Resident Evil 4 is the best gamecube game by far, it's obvious they're saving 98% for Twilight Princess. And the way they write their reviews is bad. Really bad. . I mean all they write is either: 1.Resident Evil 4 is great because the attention to detail they put into blowing off people's heads is amazing, but you'd better lock the door when playing it or your dad will go crazy!(Nothing about the gameplay, they also basically talk about the plot for a page or two). 2.Pokemon Leaf Green was amazing, even though it's a remake it's still a Nintendo game so it deserves 92%!(They also talk about how Pokemon is still cool). These guys make the people on the Nintendo of Europe forums look like Sony fanboys.
  10. The perfect launch lineup?

    The 'Probable Launch': Nintendo: Mario 128(Goes down in history as the greatest platformer of all time)1 player Wario Ware(The best one yet)4 player Super Smash Bros. 3(The best selling game at release, but has flaws)Online- 4 player Wave Race(Awesome but hugely dismissed)Online-4 player Metroid Prime 3(Hopefully)(Becomes Halo's rival, breathtaking)Online-4 player EA: Fifa World Cup 2006(Dissapointing, just a port)Online-4 player Madden 2006(America only)4 player Need for Speed(Nice graphics, but is letdown by repetitiveness, another port)Online-2 player Sega: Sonic the Hedgehog(Stunning and uses the 'remote')1 player Super Monkey Ball 3(Great fun, 12 new party games that rock too)Online- 4 player Namco: Ridge Racer 6(A port, but a great game)Online-4 player Ubisoft: Splinter Cell 4(Uses the 'remote, turns out well)Online-2 player Capcom: Viewtiful Joe 3(Uses the 'remote to a fantastic extent, sells better than usual) 2-player Square-Enix: Final Fantasy:Chrystal Chronicals 2(Online, cool fighting system with the remote, sells well)Online Activision: Tony Hawks(Another port)Online-2 player Date: Japan: September 2006 America: October 2006 Europe(other PAL territories): November 2006(Hopefully) That's probably it... Well it's just a big guess actually, an accurate one i think though.
  11. New Sig Please

    Hey i'm new to making signatures too so could one of you please make me a resident evil 4 sig, or a Final Fantasy one, anything will do. Please. :aww:
  12. Revolution iPod like ads

    I just pissed myself in laughter. :lmao:
  13. Merrick did a dumb thing by saying that :no: , because now he has given some sort of idea that the Revolution is going to be quite far behind the other two on the release shcedule. Though Iwata did state at one point that the Revolution will not be released that far behind its competitors. Arggghh!! we need more info and soon. E3 2006 is too far away dammit.