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  1. haha you couldnt "smash in" shit all. you kunt of a fuckin newb haha im zo sexy and glad :D

  2. Little King's Story

    yeah you have to get past the T.V but how...... I cant renember *Gestures towards fused&
  3. Little King's Story

    The wii wont read my disc i've still got a few mini quests to do and now the whole thing is gone i need a new copy a.s.a.p
  4. Little King's Story

    Hang in there dude hang in there It'll all be worth it in the end
  5. Little King's Story

    Hows the game goin for Soag and Ashley?
  6. Little King's Story

    Forget metroid Forget pheonix BUY IT NOW!!!!
  7. Little King's Story

    OMG the ending *faints*
  8. Little King's Story

    HAIL TO KING EPIC!!! Completed..... today Hell fuckin yeah!!
  9. Name That Game: 2010 edition

    little bit late fused
  10. Little King's Story

    If you dont enjoy it you have no soul
  11. Name That Game: 2010 edition

    In case the Prof layton one was close Pandora's box?
  12. Anime and manga discussion

    Okay i havent seen/read any Naruto since around S2 area but i know a bit about the Sharigans so does anyone if theres a place where i can pick it up again without going way back to where i left off
  13. Name That Game: 2010 edition

    It's what i do best yeah anyway it looked like thee speedometer in flatout