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  1. Haha, glad my misery makes you feel better! Cheers bud!

  2. Join us on mh

  3. Dunno about the Virtual Boy, I have two, one fully featured (don't want to get rid of) and one not so...no stand... Can't remember and probably more of an ornament! I'll get them out and have a play. I'll also do some research into what they're going for and give you a good deal :) Did you have any ideas?


    Soul Bubbles... £6 delivered?! It's in mint condition!

  4. Hey bud, first draft of http://www.blueprintreview.co.uk is up. FINALLY!!! Would be great to hear your thoughts!!

  5. To Nintendo; to transfer all my shop data and online game saves over to my new shiny black Wii :) Can't wait to get them back though. I'm having to play those pesky HD consoles... ;) Though I'm sneaking goes on my housemates Wii for DJ Haro and Tatsunoko!

  6. Haha, if I saw Smash up for £8 when I was buying my milk then I'd buy that too :) If it was old school Turtles I would have got it day one. I'm still interested, but not yet

  7. Surely not :) You better not be cock teasing!!

  8. Hey mate, just to confirm that I bought excitbots for you. Couldn't get Sluggers cheap unfortunately. It cost me £13.85, here is my statement entry for it:


    22/12/2009 Card Purchase -£13.85

    GAMESTOP #4056


    AMOUNT IN USD 21.76 EXCH RATE 1.571 REF 353 1751035000 BCC INCLUDING COMMISSION £0.38


    Is it okay for £1.15 p&p too (makes it a clean 15)? I'll send it first class in a nice padded envelope for you first thing monday :)

  9. Fancy a game of FIFA?

  10. Fancy a game of Mario Strikers?

  11. Okey dokey, give us a shout when you fancy a game. Have fun with the classic - "Thank you for not smoking!" Favourite line in it!

  12. Fancy some matches on Mario Strikers? Now?

  13. Why didn't you accept my requests :(

  14. You up for Beatles at 8:15pm instead of 9pm?

  15. Get your arse signed up to the Grand Slam tourny!!

  16. Hey, you up for doing the Tennis tourny?

  17. Hey, you coming into Mario Kart?!?!