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  1. Derren Brown's "I'm failing the nation" series

    It looked to me like hypnosis. I don't really know for sure but I think it was Derren Brown telling people they'll be stuck to their seat followed by that swirly thing on the screen that caused it to happen to some people. For me it felt just like sleep paralysis...
  2. Derren Brown's "I'm failing the nation" series

    Hello, I registered on this forum as it was one of the first results for Derren Brown's trick. This did work for me, I became stuck to my seat. I was surprised because I'm normally sceptical about these kinds of things. When the video finished I felt like it had no effect on me and decided to move... I couldn't! On the TV you could see people strugling to get out of their seat. For me it went differently, I couldn't move a single part of my body, not even my fingers, I could only move my eyes. After a few seconds I got felt a a rush of panic and suddenly I could move again. But for about 5 seconds, I was frozen!