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  1. I saw Muse live here, in Portugal, last Sunday. It was so awesome that a news channel did a news saying that it was the show of the year. And I can confirm it was, with the Nine Inch Nails concert at Paredes de Coura after it.:grin:

  2. There aren't many games that use the camera to be honest, and the ones that do aren't up to scratch really. However, DSiWare looks to be improving and already has a fair few great titles, such as Flipnote Studio. Extras such as DSi Camera and Music are also pretty nifty. Personally, I think it's a worthwhile upgrade.




    If you're into puzzle games, Picross DS will last you ages.

    Flipnote Studio isn't only an app, kinda gimmick? I thought that, but I never tried.


    And talking about DSiWare games... What games do you recommend there?

  3. With the DSi XL being launched in the first quarter of 2010, I have been thinking if I should sell my DS Lite for this new version. I don't know if It's worth the trade, so, I'd like to ask you what do you think and if there are games that require the camera that worth the upgrade, what about the upgraded battery, screens, etc.


    Just as a note, I have one guy that offers 85 euros for my DS Lite. So I'll need to save 100 euros that I'll receive this Christmas to get the DSi XL at launch.


    Thanks. :)

  4. SSBB is 9.99 at Argos if you can a store with it in stock:



    I've seen Wario Land cheap some where but I can't remember where. Might have been Amazon.


    Thanks, but I prefer betting both games from only one store because of the postage costs. Thay way, I don't know if I have enough money to get Brawl from Argos and Wario Land from Amazon, wich is in stock but with an higher price of 18 pounds.


    How much is the postage in Argos? I've never bought anything on that store.

  5. Oh guys, I'm soooooooooo unlucky. :sad:


    I have been looking for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for Wii on Amazon.co.uk to buy them when I got some money. Today, when I got the money needed they just sold out. I can't believe. Each one were costing only 9.99 pounds.


    Does anyone knows another website selling them for this money or so? I only have something like 28 pounds.


    One more thing: Should I buy those or MadWorld (I'm open to suggestions in this point) rather than Brawl or Wario (one of these)?



  6. Oh dear...£25 cheaper than something that has a Blu Ray player as well as vastly superior components. Silly Sony.

    This is a portable console, it's more difficult to put all that hardware together in a small device like PSP Go, so the production costs are higher, obviously.

  7. Top level is next to impossible I can hardly ever score

    You need to practice, then you will score 2 or 3 goals in a match like me:awesome:


    Anyway, Fifa 2010 looks very realistic (animations, etc.), as I saw in the demo, but I don't know. I prefer PES to play with friends and so because I think that it is a more funny football game to play that way. However, Fifa still has a better single player mode. Hard choice.

  8. Microsoft/Infinity Ward are doing a conference to reveal some new information about Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer.


    At this time, we have:


    - Microsoft will be releasing a special MW2 version of the Xbox 360, which will be black, include MW2 styling and two wireless controllers.


    - And now we're into the game. Multiplayer. It's announced that there are new rewards for killing streaks in the game. 3 kills gets you a UAV. 4 gets you a care package with a random drop.


    - New feature called "Callsign", which lets you customise your online account with custom tags, clan emblems, etc. Thi also lets you create a custom class with a custom weapons loadout.


    - Moving onto perks. Creating a custom class also lets you load custom perks, including one called "Scavenger", which lets you get a full resupply from a dead enemy.


    - And...now it's off to play the game, try out some of this new stuff! Impressions to come.


    More is being revealed and covered on Kotaku. (I can't post the link because I don't have 15 posts.) gogogogo

  9. I just registered my self on Gdgt, but I don't know if I'll have patience to update my gadget list every time I purchase a new device.


    Anyway, Gdgt has a nice concept behind, something like a Wikipedia mixed with Twitter and IGN Collections for people that loves this kind of stuff. Very good.