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  1. Mario Kart Wii

    Wii Tennis with the Gamecube controller, yea! :awesome:
  2. Mario Kart Wii

    Wow I'll have Mario Kart over Smash Bros anyday. I still don't get Smash Bros for some reason. I disliked the N64 one, didn't care much for the gamecube one and this Wii version... i dunno. It looks nice but plays horribly for me. It plays itself most of the time and everything is always so chaotic and I just don't see the point
  3. It's the Little Things in Games

    Finding the last remaining coins on rainbow road to get 120 stars in super mario 64 and thus completing the game at 4 AM. classic Or the lost in blue game on ds, it had a great setting. I fell in love with the gameplay
  4. Super Mario Galaxy

    Well, I have been playing the American version for the last couple of days. I managed to get my 62nd star yesterday and so far I can conclude the graphics aren't the best overall but the effects really stand out. The amount of polish is also something worth mentioning. The orchestrated music really adds a lot to the total experience. When you grab that ice flower, you really feel pumped because of the fitting music that plays. I played a lot of the game in coop and while there is not always as much to do for the second player, it can really help you pass certain stage parts a bit easier. And if your coop player happens to be your sister or girlfriend, you'll be glad they are doing most of the collecting ( they love it so very much ) The only levels which I found to be hair pulling at times were those where you need to roll on a ball over a long obstacle course. Or the ray surfing. It's all frustrating at times, but with good concentration and a little skill, you can surely do it . The comets that appear offer fun challenges that aren't always easy to finish. Racing your ghost or finishing levels under a certain amount of time or fighting a boss while you can't get hit. All very nice! Good job Nintendo, after Sunshine I was letdown, and I'm sure that after Galaxy is over, I'll be left wanting more
  5. Cruis'n Exclusive! (Best graphics on Wii!!) :p

    Hmm, I guess they don't want to break the tradition with shamefull graphics as seen in the N64 version
  6. Super Mario Galaxy

    euro release date: Super Mario Galaxy - 16.11.2007 - price: 49.99 Euro
  7. Pokemon Wii? Where are thee?

    I'm sorry but I disagree. A company dismissing a game because it would be "too good" sounds unreal. The 2 adventure like pokémon games on Gamecube were proof that they at least tried to make something more than a battle type of pokémon game. If they wouldn't make a certain game because it would be too hard to make a sequel than we wouldn't be waiting on Mario Galaxy ( granted, they sure took their time after the disaster that was Sunshine )
  8. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    That's true, but logical thinking still beats taste
  9. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    It's hardly the best game ever though. It suffers from something OOT suffered from, a big empty Hyrule field. While it's a bit better, it still lacks anything decent in terms of sidequest spots and just fun stuff to do in the field.
  10. America or Europe?

    The PSP wouldn't even be selling units anymore if it weren't for exploits and hacked firmwares so I doesn't hurt sales of the consoles, that's for sure, about the games... yea I'm sure it hurts sales a lot, but there's enough people around that actually buys the Great games.
  11. Super Mario Galaxy

    Didn't Rareware file a patent for that Fur technique? It could be a different technique than the one used in StarFox/Conker remake/Kameo though. But I remember reading something about the patented Fur.
  12. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    I'm very worried about this game. Can we really take another Mario Spin off? The graphics are looking a bit underwhelming. Where's the Anti-aliasing? I tought they had it figured out now after seeing the excellent Mario Galaxy footage... And I sense a button bashing fest...
  13. America or Europe?

    These delays seriously make piracy more acceptable. Take the new Harry Potter book. It comes out soon in English in all countries. So everyone can go out and buy the book and read it in English, if they don't want to read it in English, they have to wait. Simple as that. Games should also have this. The Irony in this is that a movie game like the latest Harry Potter game actually gets released worldwide pretty soon because most of those games aren't that good anyway but at least they make their release on time and worldwide! Surely if those kind of games can be released on time, a game like Super Paper Mario shouldn't take until September 2007 to be released in Europe. Delays like this make people download a game instead of buying it because of the long delay. I hope the Free Loader disc for Wii is still on the release list because then people can Import instead of having to use a modchip. That's another issue, why does Europe get screwed in terms of pricing. Importing still beats any retail price I see around here.
  14. Mario Party 8

    I think they have more to worry about than the word "spastic". You guys should check out some of the mini game explanations. Some of them have a really bad translation. Some text is translated like it was done with an online service that translated it from Japanese to English. I remember playing the game when my friend stood up and said " OMG, what dirty japanese/english translation is this ", then we both read it again and shook our heads from left to right
  15. Super Mario Galaxy

    Mario 128 turned into Pikmin. Galaxy development probably started after sunshine