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  1. As someone who's not seen any of the Spiderman films, I'm blown away by how many there are these days. And some are canon MCU but others aren't? And something about lots of Spidermen all joining together in the latest ones? It's all very confusing :laughing:

  2. "But what will it mean to their bottom line!"

    The beauty of Game Pass is that Xbox's first party line-up are all on there day 1. That surely won't be the case for Playstation, though I suppose maybe it doesn't need to be quite as good and enticing as GP, something that's 'good enough' might do for them.

    PS Plus has been pretty terrible for a while now, so anything to make the service better would be welcome. The slow trickle of PS5 games doesn't help though tbf.

  3. This is a great video for anyone interested in animation:

    Nintendo games have been pretty on fire lately when it comes to animation. It feels like Nintendo putting importance into their usual polish and small details has been extended into animations now as well. Luigi's Mansion 3 was also excellent. Mercury Steam seem to have hired a ton more animators since Samus Returns.

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  4. On the one end of the scale you have the original trilogy, The Phantom Menace and The Last Jedi which make do with a small number of locations. On the other you have Revenge of the Sith and Rise of Skywalker that throw a million places at you. Especially the latter. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, Cube said:

    Forza Horizon 5 didn't get nominated because the date for the full game of the year category ended earlier than the other categories.

    It doesn't deserve a nomination in the slightest, anyway, it's just a decent game, nothing more, with some pretty horrible progression because of "live service" nonsense (personally, I don't think "live service" games should be eligible for awards until after a year anyway, as it needs to show how it's handling that element of the game).

    Fair enough on why it didn’t get nom’d, I hadn’t realised that. 

    Putting aside personal opinions on the game for a second though, it’s the best reviewed game of the year by far. All the nominees are at 84-88 on MC, Forza is 92. I suppose it’ll be up for next year’s awards. 

  6. I would laugh so hard if Ratchet ends up winning. I still can't believe it got nominated.

    12 minutes ago, drahkon said:

    but given its genre, there was no chance for a nomination

    A roguelike, third person shooter/adventure game? The latter two types of games are constantly getting nominated and just last year Hades got a nomination, so yeah.

    Forza Horizon 5, the best reviewed game of the year you could say didn't get a nom because of it's genre. Not Returnal.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Goafer said:

    Whilst I agree that they were clearly going for diversity (hardly a bad thing tbf), at least it wasn't at the cost of getting actual gamers.

    Contestant 1 (arguably the most "inclusive"/divisive) was an actual speedrunner, Contestants 2 were hardcore COD players and the rest were white males.

    The only bit that stood out as trying a bit too hard was asking contestants 2 about their relationship. Other than that, every contestant was treated as a gamer and nothing else, which I actually found refreshing.

    I think any of us on this forum could have done better on Mario 3D World, so I have to wonder about their selection process, but otherwise, fair enough. Maybe Star Trek Discovery has made me over-sensitive about this kind of thing. Apart from that silly bit of saying the two women were a couple, it was about the gamer and games, you're right.

  8. 37 minutes ago, Julius said:

    How's everyone feeling a year about the PS5 a year in?


    It's been ok, but nothing more. My best experience has been playing the Mass Effect trilogy and Immortals Fenyx Rising. 

    Miles Morales was fun but more of the same, Ratchet looked pretty and that's about it, and Ghost of Tsushima (port) bored me to tears. I didn't play Returnal (£70 at launch? puhlease).

    The OS is snappy but a step down, and it was obvious Activity Cards were a pointless waste of time when they announced them, let alone a year in. 

    Not a great first year software-wise but hopefully next year will be an improvement with God of War and Horizon. I just hope Sony finally mixes up their cookie cutter openworld formula for the latter. Unlikely though.

  9. 27 minutes ago, WackerJr said:

    Hmm, nothing jumped out to me, although I did notice that Blossom Tales has been reduced again. @Ronnie’s positive comments have gotten me tempted. Worth it?

    If you like A Link to the Past I think you'll love it.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Julius said:

    Got nothing but respect for Xbox with the lengths they've gone to in order to make what's easily the best backwards compatible ecosystem on the current slate of consoles. Can't help but be envious as a PlayStation owner! 

    It's fantastic, they deserve tons of praise for it. All their pro-consumer moves are something to celebrate for sure.

  11. Enjoyed the first two episodes well enough, intriguing storyline, though the main character and the rock girl are seriously annoying (what were they thinking with the voice acting choice for the latter). Nice visuals but the animation and overall production feels a bit cheap, but maybe I'm just used to Lucasfilm animation.

  12. Sad to hear you're not enjoying the bosses. If it helps, I found that if you start by charting a course from the inner ring where you want to attack the boss, and then working backwards to be much easier. Also open the chests if you want a hint on how to beat him (though you prob know that already). And obv don't be afraid to slide panels, not just spin them, you shouldn't need to slide too much but 1 here or there can help.