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  1. Tales Of Vesperia

    Bump! Possible Proof of Tales of Vesperia Localization (for PS3)
  2. Tales Of Vesperia

    It gets better - the start is a little slow. Where are you up to so far?
  3. Tales Of Vesperia

    10x experience and the EX dungeon are the way to go for this.
  4. Tales Of Vesperia

    Gameplay - http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/productpage.asp?productcode=XT1523
  5. Tales Of Vesperia

    Go into the Battle Menu and hold down X, then use the left trigger to change the zoom level (you should see an on-screen prompt, IIRC).
  6. Tales Of Vesperia

    Quite possibly never, outside of Japan September 17 in Japan.
  7. Tales Of Vesperia

  8. Tales Of Vesperia

  9. Tales Of Vesperia

    Just a quick update on a price drop - you can now get ToV from ShopTo.net for £27.99, £5 cheaper than the previous best price Oh, and it's in stock *now*
  10. Tales Of Vesperia

    That works, yes, but it's a lot slower!
  11. Tales Of Vesperia

    It's not that bad if you've got
  12. Tales Of Vesperia

    I'm taking this from one of the FAQs over on GameFAQs: So "minimal" damage may also be okay for this, though I don't know exactly what counts as "minimal".
  13. Tales Of Vesperia

    You get that for fulfilling a specific 'secret' objective during a boss battle (which is different for each battle). For example, in the first battle with Zagi, don't let him hit Estelle at all. There's a guide to all of them over at GameFAQs
  14. Tales Of Vesperia

    More reason to hope for a PS3 localisation? http://www.talesunion.com/news/western-ps3-tales-of-vesperia-hinted-at--484.html
  15. Tales Of Vesperia

    Is this the PS3 demo? If it's the same as the full 360 version you can change the button configuration: Menu -> Save & Load -> Change settings -> Button Configuration. And yes, up = jump (in battle, at least).