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  1. Dyson

    Hey! It's that Guy!

  2. hi----------------------

  3. Dyson

    Meestah Cyoob. Any chance of getting mod status on the Steam group to set up events 'n' shiz?

  4. Hey dude, totally forgot to tell you but the games turned up like last week in great condition and in good time. Thanks for those :D

  5. Dude - your signature. :bowdown:

  6. *fist bump*

  7. Come baaack :(

  8. I can't tell if that was intentional or not but.. oh god. That was incredible. I'm wincing inside.

  9. :o


    That is insane! I only asked for 4 or 5 so that's crazy! You're amazing. I can't wait to see them :D


    If you're ready to go then PM me your Paypal and we'll get this show on the road..!



  10. Oh no I love it! I'll take it off your hands :heh:

  11. You don't wanna hang on to it? I think it looks awesome :D

  12. Oh; and Flareon or Umbreon for the Eevee's!


    They just sprung to mind. :heh:

  13. Haha alright then! Here's a few ideas:



    - Ambush,

    - Kwala,

    - Penguimo (if you think it's possible?),

    - Roosterix



    - Diglett

    - Gengar

    - Snorlax

    - Togepi

    - Scyther - Put this one in here as a challenge; I can't imagine it being easy at all :o


    So there's a few ideas.. honestly they're all as awesome as each other so the final choosery is down to you and your confidence in your abilities :D



  14. But.. But I dunno what I want! :heh: Really; I don't want to be cheeky, so if you feel like making any more then whack 'em in there, and if not then no worries!


    But if you need ideas.. hmm. How about another of Hamishmash's? One you haven't tried before, something different I suppose :D

  15. Totally do an Eevee. And if you have any pink.. a Ditto. Just a blob. :heh:


    You're the bestest : peace:

  16. Haha if you want to make more then do be my guest! I love the Eevee evolutions so if you fancy trying any of those then that'd be awesome :D


    You've finished them already then? I'm impressed! :D

  17. I'll keep it a surprise for when they turn up if you're happy : peace:

  18. Haha; alright. Take your time, I'm in no rush! : peace:

  19. You're the best. :heart:


    Have you got a paypal I can send the money to?

  20. You're an awesome human being. :D


    I honestly don't know which ones to go for as they all look awesome. But I was gonna ask if you fancied doing a Pikachu - cliche I know, but he's my favourite Pokemon. I dunno if he'd be too tough with the different colours on the cheeks etc as I dunno how malleable the stuff you're using is - so failing that, Hamishmash's starters would be fantastic. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them. :D


    Either way let me know. I feel like I'm asking too much! Sorta like Oliver.. "Please sir, can I have some more (awesomeness)?"

  21. :laughing:


    If they take an hour to complete.. how does £15-20 for 3 sound? I might be waaaaay off here so let me know if you were after a bit more :heh:


    And if you don't have the time.. no biggy there either : peace: