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  1. Football Season 05/06

    The gunners have done well today, beating West Brom 3 - 1 although West Brom have done quite well as well and put toghther a good defense, Henry got so frustrated. Hleb scored 1st then Pires (set up by Bergkamp) and the dutch one himslef with the final goal, Im really going to miss him but it was sweet seeing the groups of orange around the stadium.
  2. Football Season 05/06

    Arsenal still have a chance to gain that 4th position place if they try really hard, I still don't get how Wenger placed Song in the match the guy totally lacks ball handling skills and also why didn't Wenger take Cambpell off ealier I mean the guy was bleeding for a good 15 -20 mins and now hes got a broken nose.
  3. Learn Japanese together!

    I've been learning japanese from a very good for about a year and I know Hiragana and Katakana pretty well but struggling with Kanji, so am I too late to join this yet? Because I really would like to learn japanese and this sounds like a really good idea. Takeo Miyazaki when did you start your Biology degree, and did you already know some japanese in the beginning? Your so lucky!
  4. Football Season 05/06

    Sadly Arsenal lost to Man U today, 2 -0 in the first half Arsenal were playing quite well but then went into lazy mode, the only ones who were actually trying in my IMO was Lehman and Pires. 1st goal was scored by Rooney (not suprised by that) and the next goal was really amazing and scored by Ji Sung Park. Oh and Chelsea beat Westham 4 -1 (like West Ham actually had a chance)
  5. Wow when did this happen just checked today and saw a massive (currently) 34 paged thread, thanks so much to everyone whos contributed! Personally Im really intrested in this game and I really like the whole respect thing, and your movements and interactions that you do using the rev remote with your mentors just adds a whole new depth to the game. Can't wait to see how Ubisoft have handled the multiplayer part of the game.
  6. The worlds greatest breakfast?

    Kellog's crunchy Nut and Wheatbix (with chopped up banana's) own all the other cereals. My favorite breakfast would be hot pancakes with butter or maple syrup.
  7. Wouldn't that be kind of difficult perfoming all those moves ohysically on the Revo's contoller? Guess Nintendo didn't think about wrestling games, but having a new WWE game using the standard contoller setup / revo's standard controller shell than should be good enough for WWE fans.
  8. Football Season 05/06

    I totally agree with you Ramar, but today Arsenal totally dominated against Middlesbrough 7 -0, Henry being on a roll and scoring 3 of these goals and with Pires, Senderos, Gilberto and Hleb doing good also scoring one goal each. Its times like these Im proud to be a Gunners fan!
  9. New Year's Resolutions

    To actually stick to my resolutions. (resolution sounds like revolution just a random thought).
  10. Cube still the strongest console?

    Console torture a favorite pastime as a child, well these just go to show that Ninteno's products are quality even for non gaming purposes.
  11. Football Season 05/06

    I thought the Arsenal vs Aston villa match was quite entertaining, although Wenger was being a prat IMO by putting Reyes, Pires and Bergkamp on the bench in the begining. Ljungberg and Henry played very well overall, but had that last volley/ kick got in Arsenal coulf have got have got thhose 3 points they needed. Owen got out of hospital yesterday on crutches poor guy.
  12. what games will you be downloading?

    Paper Mario as well, Majora's Mask (feels so ashamed that I never bought or rented it) and Diddy Kong Racing.
  13. Motivation

    Herr Dark Wolf, I used to be in the exact same state of mind/ behaviour to work as you, however I then worked really hard near the end of yr 10 - 11 and thankfully passed all my GCSEs the lowsest I got being 2 Bs now just started college and im doing A level sciences and Psychology. If you want to be motivated keep thinking this: if I don't work really hard now how would I feel when I open up my GCSEs results and see grades that I don't like, how would my parents/ family feel about this, supporting me and giving me their time, effort, and energy for all these years of my education to get these low grades. As Black Fox said doing short bursts of proper revision/ work with short breaks in between is really effective. After you've done your work/ revision you can get a blank sheet of paper and write down all you remeber, and before you start revising again just do a short recap sesssion to see if you can remeber everything. The thing is you sound like have great potential to get the great results. For Maths I would say work through your past papers and do as many questions as you can, doing the areas that are the most difficult first then work your down to the easier areas. Maths is all about practice and knowing the basics and formulas really well, if you know the basics then you can build on that. Hope that helps sorry for the lengthy post.
  14. Anime and manga discussion

    Trigun is an excellent anime series in my opinion, and as Xeal breifly mentioned Eyeshield 21 is a great sports / comedy manga series to read.
  15. Anime and manga discussion

    I otally agree with you masaki86, I personally found RahXephon a better anime than Eva (which was a bit too depressing for me), for now I hooked on the Fruits basket manga, FMA and Bleach (animes).