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  1. EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis!

    In this console generation, “hardcore†gamers -- especially sports gamers -- have completely dismissed and ignored the Wii (you know, like many Destructoid readers dismiss and ignore sports games). Their disdain for Nintendo’s wildly successful console may not approach Chad Warden levels, but you might hear this familiar refrain: “real gamers play on 360/PS3.†The higher-horsepower systems have always produced the best experiences, and that’s where most people play. How ironic, then, that EA’s first-ever foray into the tennis sphere, EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis, may provide the most realistic, accurate simulation of the sport ever seen -- and it’s on the Wii. I got my grubby paws on the game at EA’s Season Opener event yesterday afternoon, and I’m here to tell you all about it. Follow me to the jump, kiddies!