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  1. You don't even need to do that. If you press IR on the C-Gear on both games, you can trade no matter where either player is

  2. I think it's all bollocks. Yes a 5th gen Pokémon is going to come. It's how the franchise works. However why waste time writing a massive article about it reiterating that point. Not to mention them getting things wrong such as with the Pokémon Sunday reference which, just by going with the synopsis for the episode, you know is NOT going to reveal one


    Stick to my site, where I just give the facts, and faster too :P

  3. Nope, didn't even know a road like that existed in Bournemouth. Why do you ask?

  4. You're the second person to say they have seen someone looking just like me this week. Apart from getting a Euromillions ticket on Monday, I haven't been out all week due to illness.



  5. Ah, fair enough. I shall have to destroy them and take their soul so there are no lookalikes. Bad enough that guy in that band in the 70s has my exact face.


    Don't worry about interrupting if you see me in the future though

  6. I'm not planning on it, no.

  7. Still think the guy in the band is me after using time travel and yeah, though if I'm with a person, don't call me serebii in case they don't know lol

  8. Oh, it went live? Sweet :)

  9. God no. I hate RSS, it kills website visiting

  10. Ah but for the sites that are sustained on people visiting the site...

  11. Hey. Good thanks, yourself?

  12. Unfortunately I have not. He still crops up with his absurd stories (the original version of him has apparently died and so I should unban). He changes his story all the time and is a massive nuisance. Just have to ignore him and hope he goes away

  13. It took a lot of time to get to this level. Find a niche and focus on that, then people will come :)

  14. Na, he's like herpes anyway. Once you think you've got rid of him, there he is again.


    He needs psychological help. He's clearly not with it.


    It's impossible to make things worse for me with regards to this. Thanks for taking my side. He has done this on numerous forums now, though.

  15. Just have to sit back and enjoy it :p

  16. That's the spirit!

  17. Essentially, yes.

  18. I am well, yourself?

  19. Will you just leave me alone

  20. Exactly. The screenshots from the show are the one thing that is iffy and they don't seem to care

  21. I can't really touch on it but there is something I can't divulge so I'm holding off until I can

  22. Hoping we'll get them in the next 24 hours

  23. Should be fine, but there's really no way to tell :s (Empty your Inbox) :p