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  1. Majora's Mask

    Well I've now completed it, got 12 Full Hearts so I may go get that up to 20 if I get bored, got all 24 Masks and have kicked Majora's arse :p
  2. Majora's Mask

    Thanks I did it though, messed up the first time cos of the damn Postman Now I just need to go get Don Gero's Mask then to the Moon I go!
  3. Majora's Mask

    I took all your advice and started to replay it again I beat the Stone Temple today, I have 10 full hearts, 19 Masks and too much time on my hands :p Just need the Keaton Mask, the Couple's Mask, The Postman's Hat and Don Gero's Mask and obviously Fierce Diety Mask Notice 3 of those are from the Kafei sidequest which I intend to do tomorrow lol
  4. Hey guys I was wondering when Sonic Gems Collection is actually coming out. RE says tomorrow however Game and Play say next week so I was wondering if anyone could actually state the right date?
  5. Sonic Gems Collection Release?

    Game say it's RRP is £20
  6. Gamecube a Letdown?

    Yeah I was thinking that, I look at my game collection and there arent that many great games whereas the N64 has loads :/
  7. Majora's Mask

    Im half tempted to get my Collector's Edition out and play it
  8. Majora's Mask

    I couldn't agree more While they're both excellent games...MM had darkness behind it...a compelling story, a sense of danger, a whole new place