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  1. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I'm a bit worried now. Some are saying in Europe the Wii will only do 480i/p (including the Q&A here) which doesnt make sense as thats not a PAL output and thus the majority of Hi-Definition TVs and just ordinary TVs won't be able to support it as they only support 576+ iirc Or am I being an idiot?
  2. European Wii Preorders

    Check your junkmail. Several people found their email in their junk e-mail folder
  3. European Wii Preorders

    I hope gameplay send the emails soon...after the play.com fiasco, it has me worried
  4. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I dont see why they would. 90% of tvs for sale now support it, they're actually releasing component cables for it now rather than forcing you to input. Chances are it has it
  5. We Have 10 Years To Save the World

    Scientists are all doom bringers anyway. They said the oil would run out in the early 80s, early 90s, early 00s...has it? No Really they put glib statements out just to get the government to fund their research. I highly doubt it is anywhere near as bad as you said. They always do this. The polar Ice Caps were meant to be completely melted by 2002 if I recall correctly
  6. European Wii Preorders

    How do you know you're 5th? It doesnt say what number I am o,o
  7. European Wii Preorders

    They're going to send confirmation e-mails? Thats rather disconcerting...
  8. And in other news, Nintendo today have announced the delay for Zelda; Twilight Princess til November 2007 to make it work in 720p
  9. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Only on those that have specific ports for Component Cables
  10. One last secret - and its BIG!

    It is actually Hi-Def and sends video at 1080p???? OMG MEGATON
  11. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    No they dont I got my new HD TV and have my Cube connected via composite and it looks awesome still, a little blurry but awesome. Cant wait to see them via component on the Wii
  12. Plasma v LCD [HD]

    This actually changes me thought patterns regarding the TV Damn you will :p
  13. Plasma v LCD [HD]

    I thought that Plasma was the worst culprit for Standard Def. degredation
  14. Plasma v LCD [HD]

    The problem is with Standard Definition though...LCD and Plasma have a habit of showing every fault, less-so with LCD. Depends on the size of the screen and distance really *is buying a Samsung LCD this weekend...probably gonna go 32", maybe 37"*
  15. Wii Adverts

    I saw an advertising video on all the HD TVs in Comet this weekend...does that count?
  16. Hey all I'm going to be buyin a new tv before December 8th (wonder why) since my current one takes about an hour to turn on whenever i need it on. I figured i may as well go for an HD one (plus you can't really find non-HD ones nowadays) However i'm getting pretty stumped inl oooking up models so from your experience...what make/model should I get I'm looking for at least 37", preferably 40 or 42 with Excellent Standard Definition quality as I don't have much HD stuff yet and 480p compatibility among the rest (for the Wii) and preferably LCD Can you lot suggest ones that you have which look good in Standard Def for DVDs and yer Gamecube? Cheers
  17. Well I was thinking of a Sharp Aquos but the shops didnt have a big enough on :s Ok, I apologise for Double Posting Are the LE40R73BD Samsung Models any good? Saw one in the shop today and it looked pretty ace and saw some SD trailers running through component and it looks fairly good Checked and it only does up to 720p but thats all I really need atm for my Wii and then my 360 next year
  18. Really? I saw a cool LG one in Currys.digital the other day, although its Standard Def. output left something to be desired Any particular models?
  19. Well electricity bills are important when you're a poor student like me :p
  20. Maybe, but I dunno about Plasma, they're still powersuckers :/ Anyone know iof the Sharp Aquos ones are any good?
  21. Well i forgot to say I dont wanna spend over £1,500 But in my experience and research, Plasmas have less of a lifespan than LCDs and they're more of a power pig. Plus there'#s this whole burning into the screen issue
  22. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Meh. I'm having a hard time finding tvs that look good I've found a couple but running Finding Nemo on them and you can see degredation in the quality which gravely concerns me I don't wanna get one and have the Wii look like this x,x Can someone post a pic of how their cube looks on an HD TV or somethin?
  23. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Ah, the thing is my Cube is on Composite atm and my Wii likely will be too Guess if I do get this TV, I should order the component cable I checked the HD Ultimate buying guide on CNet and it didn't mention this at all which made me raise an eyebrow when I saw it here Good thing the Wii can play Cube games, but alas my N64, SNES & NES are a bit screwed in this regard This is the one thing thats keeping me from getting my new tv. Nobody sells non-HD ready tvs anymore so we're all kinda stuck. Scaling cannot really be that much of an issue if this is pretty much the first I heard of it and even if you google it, you'll be hard pressed to find a result Its prolly a myth like Plasma Screens burn and all that
  24. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Mah...have been considering buying a new tv and goin HD since my current one needs an hour to turn on Now theres all this scaling stuff and Standard stuff not looking good on it DAMN YOU ALL *cries* How much of a problem is this supposed scaling?
  25. PAL component cable and RGB cable available

    Ah...was thinkin of puchasing a HDTV soon...my current tv takes an hour or so to turn on...should I get component cables if so?