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  1. That makes me feel a bit more at ease since I ordered on the first day Thank you You made the next 3 weeks more liveable
  2. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Pokemon Pocket Monsters Portable Monsters Portable Gaming Game Boy/DS Notice something? POKEMON IS A HANDHELD FRANCHISE FOR A REASON
  3. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Looks even better in movement
  4. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Mine doesn't, and I'm using Composite Cables...
  5. European Wii Preorders

    Wow, good to know we'll find out like a week before its due out, when its too late to get it anywhere else
  6. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Just a Question. According to that diagram, the Air Intake is directly where you plug it into the stand. Does that actually make sense?
  7. Wii on LCDtv

    And people who's SDTVs broke. You cannot find Non HD ones easily in shops nowadays Yes, all the sites like Gameplay, Game, Play etc. have taken pre-orders on them and Game are even stocking them They arent region locked either
  8. Wii on LCDtv

    Well I dont see why it'ld be any different to using the Cube via Composite and that swhat I've been doing and they look fine But then again, I haven't been spoilt by S-Video/RGB/Component Visuals...yet. Roll on December 8th Regardless tho, I shall def. try my Wii with Composite first...just so I'm more "Wow" with the Component :p I've been playing my Cube on my new 40" LCD Samsung using Component and it looks great. Some games have a couple of issues but its still great. Don't worry
  9. Wii on LCDtv

    They could have posted examples. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cube games look fine using composite on my 40" LCD GoNintendo.com have been using a Samsung LCD TV, prolly the same one as me and it looked fine according to them GoNintendo also posted a comparison shot of Zelda's Title using Composite and using Component
  10. so.... What are you taking home on the 8th?

    Why are you getting Rayman then? Thats on all formats
  11. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Nothing Much New The guy is the leader of the Colosseums and you can customise your character
  12. so.... What are you taking home on the 8th?

    Wii Wii Play Zelda Monkey Ball 2 Extra Controllers 3 Extra Nunchucks 1 Classic Controller 1 Component Cable Cannot wait
  13. Something which will be loved for a while on the internet... GOAT IN!
  14. European Wii Preorders

    Yes, then we can mock him for weeks...hahahahahaha Won't happen tho :p
  15. European Wii Preorders

    Even with Pre-orders...its still first come first served isnt it so it doesn't matter what number you are in the list?
  16. No Rumble for N64 VC Games!

    The Classic Controller connects to the Wiimote via cables
  17. European Wii Preorders

    Would be suprised if they didnt...I'ld guess that each major store will get one or two units so the earliest there will get it
  18. European Wii Preorders

    Well thats a bit of a relief...I ordered on the 26th...when they opened so here's hoping BackUp Plan: Asda or Tesco at 9am on December 8th :p
  19. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Yes they are. Gameplay are doing pre-orders on them now
  20. European Wii Preorders

    What time did they open pre-orders? I got mine in at 2pm and thus i'm worried
  21. No Rumble for N64 VC Games!

    Oh please...its simple in the code for Virtual Console control being adapted for Gamecube Controllers or Wiimote if (n64Rumble() != null) { if (controller = gcn) { gcnRumble(); } else if (controller = wiimote) { wiiRumble(); } } Its just laziness
  22. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Well my Samsung tv runs 60hz pretty well so yay
  23. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Well this certainly does have me concerned. Hope they fix it
  24. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Does the Cube work on the same principle in 50/60hz? i.e. 576i in 50 and 480i in 60? If so then i should be fine Samsung TVs are awesome. I got myself one a couple weeks back and they do wonders. The games look great on them and I'm only using Composite Cabling. Its great. However you will need to fine tune the picture from the start. Luckily they save the picture settings differently for each channel!
  25. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I'm a bit worried now. Some are saying in Europe the Wii will only do 480i/p (including the Q&A here) which doesnt make sense as thats not a PAL output and thus the majority of Hi-Definition TVs and just ordinary TVs won't be able to support it as they only support 576+ iirc Or am I being an idiot?