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  1. Wii Adverts

    Just saw another new Zelda one, has Darknuts in it *drool* 9 days to go
  2. PAL RedSteel Prog-Scan ONLY??

    Pokémon Link on the DS's display art had that it was Nintendo WiFi Connection...it wasnt
  3. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    People, just because game says so does not make it so. Nobody else is saying this and various stores across the continent are saying launch. Ever occur to you that they're just shipping all their component cables to retail first? Then with the next batch, they'll go online?
  4. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Nope, cannot stand blurry pics
  5. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    Same here My samsung tv displays Standard Def INCREDIBLY well
  6. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Am i the only one that prefers composite out of those pics? :p
  7. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    Look guys, theres no proof that this is the case. Game have messed around with dates like this many times Considering Red Steel is apparently progressive only...it really isnt likely
  8. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    I am unsure, I believe they are but don't quote me on that
  9. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Isnt really zoomed in but thats how it looks on my Sammy tv. I used the settings that I PM'd to you and its in game mode. Looks beautiful *wipes tear*
  10. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    JApan isnt really big on Component so its not that much of an issue
  11. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    I dont get anything like that. The only game I have a problem with is Spiderman 2. When the action gets in to it, the models look distorted...but other than that Mines a Samsung LE40N73BDX if thats any help
  12. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    Wind Waker on my tv using Composite LOOKS GOOD. Its running in game mode and I did have to toggle the settings a little bit for sharpness and colour but all games look ace on it I'll still be content on launch day if Gameplay cant get me a Component Cable for then, but I do hope they do...I dont want good...I want awesome :p
  13. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    Composite looks fine on my HD TV, I dunno what you're all moaning about
  14. European Wii Preorders

  15. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I really dont see people's complaints about Composite. On my new tv, yeah its a bit blurry but its not like vomit enducing and crap like that despite what people are believing
  16. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    After doing that, yeah I see a difference but it aint much :p
  17. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Myabe its my monitor...but i'm not noticing any difference
  18. European Wii Preorders

    I wouldn't miss it...parents will be home. But I wanna play it immediately Can imagin...half way through the lecture I get a text that its there and I run out and run home :p
  19. European Wii Preorders

    Now I need to decide - Go to Uni or not on the 8th Knowing Sods Law; If I go to Uni, it will be delivered at like 10 and I wont be back til half 1 If I don't go to Uni, it'll be delivered nigh on 5 o'clock Choices Choices
  20. European Wii Preorders

    Dear Gameplay Customer, Congratulations! We are delighted to be able to confirm that your pre-order for a Wii has been successful. We will be despatching this eagerly anticipated console to you for day of release.To ensure that we get your Wii to you without a hitch, please double check that your payment details are up-to-date and that sufficient funds are available in your account. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PARTY ON WAYNE Please note: delivery of your Wii on December 8th will require a signature. Deliveries are normally made 9am – 5pm. Certain software titles and accessories are expected to be very limited in stock around launch, and if you ordered such items to go with your console, we may not be able to fulfil them straight away. Please be assured we’ll get these to you as quickly as we can on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one console per customer - if you have ordered multiple units only one will be supplied. Thank you for your continued custom and support – we hope you enjoy being one of the first to own a Wii. I hope they dont screw me on the Zelda front though
  21. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    How can you predict something like that without actually playing Like DP it'll allow you to Battle online in a variety of ways
  22. Gamespot gave zelda a 8.8

    I just hate how when sites do this, some people go "Wow, bout time someone says the truth" When 20 people are saying the games awesome and one is saying it has a fair few flaws...what is more likely true
  23. Gamespot gave zelda a 8.8

    Why average some stuff into the main score when its not that important. Graphics for example or Sound, I know a good amount of people who rarely play games utilising their soundtrack so thats much less important than say Gameplay Besides, the reviewer blatently has had too many pies...typical Microsoft fanboy :p
  24. Gamespot gave zelda a 8.8

    It's not like me to chime in on arguements like this So if you read this review you agree that there are problems when EVERY SINGLE OTHER OF THE REVIEWS CLAIM OTHERWISE. Sorry but where is the logic in that. This reviewer is no more or less credible than the others. I know its a decent score, but if every other reviewer on the planet says its godly and this guy doesnt, then he must be a few brain cells short of having a brain cell.
  25. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Pokemon by Nature is a handheld franchise. Its how it works, how it was designed, it just wont work out of it