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  1. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    I did that sidequest first go o,o I just took the most direct route there, occassionally verrying off to the right slightly to evade the Green Spinny things
  2. Official Bitch about Twilight Princess Thread!

    Wow and I thought I was an arrogant elitist...
  3. Official Bitch about Twilight Princess Thread!

    Thats because you are unaware of how things actually work
  4. Official Bitch about Twilight Princess Thread!

    I actually found the music to be really good? So it's not Orchestral? BIG DEAL. A lot of things aren't. You going to go moan at people who make music in GarageBand at not being Orchestral? No. Shut up then. If it was Orchestral, you'ld all be moaning at the problems that having Orchestral music in a game like Zelda would definitely have such as the merging into the Enemy Music The music is good, it fits the game and it doesnt sound bad. The music put a smile on my face a lot...it's just epic.
  5. Official Bitch about Twilight Princess Thread!

    Really? I haven't noticed any issues with that...you sure you're actually moving it?
  6. Official Bitch about Twilight Princess Thread!

    You do know you dont actually have to Swing your arm about like a bloody looney. Just a flick of the wrist does it well enough
  7. Rayman Raving Rabbids Thread

    I officially hate Bunnies have no rhytm Part 2
  8. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    But really, it makes sense that it looks better in 576i (50hz) than 480i (60hz) The Wii is already at a bigger resolution so the scaling required is lower and thus it looks better. Just need a TV with a good scaler and my Samsung TV does it beautifully
  9. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    50Hz on the Composite cable looks really really really good on my 40" HD TV (better than my Cube running on Composite and many of you know how good that looks). Almost component quality really, Even Cube games look better. I'ld be happy if it stuck like this for ever. My TV is really good at scaling from bad sources. However 60hz mode on it looks terrible so I have begun to question whether 480p will look as good as 50hz 576i does
  10. Rayman Raving Rabbids Thread

    Aim for the Rabbits, not the doors
  11. look what santa got me early today

    Yes Zelda supports 480p. All Nintendo First Party games and most 3rd Party games support 480p
  12. Xmas Lights interfere with the Wiimote.

    My lights havent affected my Wiimote at all
  13. Voice-acting in the next Zelda game

    I know yhis is the wrong topic but "Thing enough surprising, Nintendo Dream also teaches us that there was obviously a dissension with Nintendo of America relating to the lapping machine which lent its voice to Link until now in the last Zelda plays. Nintendo would thus have carried out some tests of voice of various actors, and it is finally Sasanuma Akira (Dearka Elsman in Gundam Seed) which would have been selected for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" http://gonintendo.com/?p=10665
  14. Voice-acting in the next Zelda game

    No No No No No It'll ruin the whole feel of the game
  15. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I just put my Wii into 60hz mode and it looks TERRIBLE. Can see why some people are moaning. If you are, put it in 50hz mode. Seriously it looks totally better I'ld be content on 50hz mode and no Component really
  16. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    I apologise, but for the record...I dont think i know everything about it. I do know everything it...and that saddens me so much But yeah I do apologise, I guess I was a bit of a cock Seperate friend codes are for Battle Revolution, it isnt the DS game's friend code
  17. Wii Wriststraps Recalled

    The ones I got with Wii Play and seperately are substantially thinner than the one I got with my Wii Interesting Oh and the wrist straps arent being recalled...that isnt said anywhere...all thats said is that if they break, they'll be replaced for free. That does not mean Recalled
  18. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Umm...sorry but that is not true at all. It does not require the DS to go online. While they prefer it, you can register teams and go online without it. I suggest you actually check your facts before going off on one about stuff which isn't true Cheers
  19. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Gotta admit, my Jaw did drop when I saw it I guess its the trials of being a hero...comic book conventions, shopping centre openings...they do that to ya :p
  20. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    I am unsure if thats accurate though...I know it was the first thing I thought of but I really doubt thats the case
  21. WiiPlay and Extra Wiimotes AWOL?

    I just noticed. On my Wii Remote (one that came with it), the strap is thick and sturdy...on all my others...not so much
  22. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Heck yes you can. I could spend hours doing just that. In fact I have been...oh its 11pm already? Crap
  23. Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Thread

    I enjoy many of the multiplayer mini games as do the people who I play, however a good few of them are complete paff
  24. Routers - what you got and did it work?

    My Netgear one works, not perfectly as it'll keep disconnecting on the odd occassion (annoying on DS games) but its alright for now. WG602 I think.