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  1. I'll go against logic with this one

    And considering they are pre-rendered pictures for pre-release journalistic publishing...thats saying a lot
  2. I'll go against logic with this one

    Yes, Real-Time Pre-Rendered Images
  3. Nintendo Wii Star Issue-250 or 500?

    Yeah same here But Chris, considering you have so many, dont you think you're just getting a bit obsessed with it? I mean complaining about it. The cards said 250 so it was their intend to do it like that
  4. I'll go against logic with this one

    Really? They dont look like it. Where are all the games HUDs then? Those are pre-made renders and you know it
  5. I'll go against logic with this one

    Now are those actual in game graphics or pre-made renders? A Lot of companies release the pre-made renders out before the games come out and many end up falling flat compared to it. Such as Motorstorm on the PS3
  6. I'll go against logic with this one

    Those are things called EXAMPLES hence the "And so forth". I'm not going to bloody sit and list all of them. Stop taking everything at face value and start reading I'm actually writing a research paper for "Gameplay VS Graphics? Which sells more to the consumer?" and have got some interesting results so far...this topic is actually interesting :p
  7. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    Damn, thats making me wanna crank oput Sonic onto my Wii lol. Damn you heathens :p
  8. I'll go against logic with this one

    I'm sorry, you're asking if Nintendo has the balls to do something non cartoony when talking about Rayman? Forgive me but who published it, who developed it and notice the other consoles its on? And Nintendo doing stuff Non-Cartoony; Metroid Prime Day of Disaster ZELDA: TP Project Hammer And so forth
  9. I'll go against logic with this one

    The truth is, I have mates that were like that, saying about how the Wii has crap visuals and they wont buy one. They then came round my house, played the games and didnt complain about the visuals ONCE, they even said the visuals were good and worked well with the games.
  10. Wario Ware review

    Damn you people :p I'm gonna be waking up early and going down town tomorrow morning to ensure I get it :p Looking forward to it. Shame the Multiplayer isnt as good as the Cube one, the Cube one is always played when I have mates over, but no matter...as long as its Zany I'm happy
  11. I'll go against logic with this one

    Yes Wario Ware, Rayman & Monkey Ball do look a fair bit better than their Cube counterparts. Wario Ware is crisper and still manages to keep the Retro feel (I cannot believe you're actually moaning about Wario Ware visuals...do you know how ridiculous that is). Rayman being a MiniGame game has good visuals. All the MiniGames are seperately done with great effects and models, specially in the Bunny Hunt games. It's going for a cartoony look...oish. MUMMY...SCOOBY DOO LOOKS LIKE A CARTOON AND NOT LIKE A REALISTIC DOG WITH FUR AND SHARP TEETH. WHY ISNT HE BITING SHAGGY AND GIVING HIM RABIES? WAAAAA Same with Monkey Ball. Clearer graphics, more colourful but going for a different Artisitc style that the cube games. The graphics are crisper and a bit cel shaded. Just because you dont like the new style doesnt make it worse than those graphics. Notice the levels tend to be a lot bigger in the Wii game as well. Far Cry...I just cannot defend that. Don't think anyone can lol Sure they are? Source please?
  12. I'll go against logic with this one

    Oh please, that is such an exaggeration
  13. Zelda on 40" HDTV with Official Component Cables

    Don't forget that distance from the screen is a factor. If I'm playing at my computer, the graphics do look worse than if I'm playing on my sofa which is just a further metre away
  14. I'll go against logic with this one

    To each their own. Personally I wouldnt care if it had N64 graphics as long as it had fun games. Besides, you're taking it way out of proportion. The visuals are blatantly better than Cube Visuals for th most part. Yes some 3rd Party games are shocking (Far Cry for example) but they're still getting used to the hardware and they did only receive final development systems in June for release 6 months later. Not bad really
  15. I'll go against logic with this one

    I'm not hyping them, I'm just saying they are New IPs, dunno if they're actually going to be good or anything but Pit Jr. said there are none, I quickly corrected him
  16. I'll go against logic with this one

    Pretty sure theres another one which I've forgotten but them having a new IP or even 2 known before the launch is a lot more than previous generations. Plus don't forget that it doesnt have to be developed internally for it to be Nintendo; F-Zero GX: Amusement Vision Yoshi's Island DS: Artoon Wario Ware Smooth Moves: Intelligent Systems Pokémon Battle Revolution: Genius Sonority Starfox Assault: Namco Metroid Prime 3: Retro Studios Mario Strikers Charged: Next Level Games Mario Party 8: Hudson and so forth They do not have to be developed in house to be New IPs and thats that Sounds to me you're just grasping for reasons to bitch and moan
  17. I'll go against logic with this one

    Day of Disaster Project HAMMER and theres a couple more THEY ARE MAKING NEW IPs...THEY JUST ARE NOT OUT YET. I do notice you distinctly forgot to put them Plus I cant believe you people are moaning about visuals...my god I thought we were past this
  18. Zelda on 40" HDTV with Official Component Cables

    My 40" Samsung LCD TV does it on Composite beautifly What model is yours R7? N7?
  19. Something I noticed, dunno if anyone has When you go to purchase Super Mario Bros. It says it takes a max of 94 blocks. It actually takes 22 blocks. Does this mean that the upgrade that Shigsy once mentioned is going to be 94 blocks or are they having crazy fits?
  20. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I aint bothering with Component Cables methinks. Will keep my order on Gameplay. They'll come when they come. But 50hz Composite looks so good, I aint really in a rush
  21. What can they do next?

    They'll follow up on Sony's own Ken Kutagi's statement saying that on the PS3 Games will be 4D and so Nintendo's new console will be a Time Machine!
  22. Wiiplacement Straps?

    They dont have any
  23. Wiiplacement Straps?

    Thats not fair. My Wii came with the sturdy strap but my 3 extra controllers all came with the thin one
  24. Rayman Raving Rabbids Thread

    Just put it on 60hz mode. I know its blurry but it helps
  25. Just a question...if they dont support it...do they require you to change your settings?