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  1. I'll go against logic with this one

    1. Wii Sports doesnt have N64 Graphics. N64 Grapics were never that sharp, polished and shiny. 2. GRAPHICS DON'T MATTER
  2. Component looks better huh?

    Oh come on...they havent been that bad :p
  3. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Yes you are the only one
  4. Component looks better huh?

    The fact is, my Zelda is not blurry at all...its quite sharp and its running on 480p
  5. Component looks better huh?

    Then thats a completely different topic. Nintendork was claiming it doesnt support 480p to which we countered with facts :p
  6. Component looks better huh?

    Oh yes, the TV must be wrong. Because Nintendo would purposefully reprogram a game to stop certain support in one region and make sure the TV gets sent a signal to lie to the public Or the person on GAF is wrong. Which seems more likely If it was just one model of tv saying this then yes, the tv may be wrong...not when everyones tv is.
  7. Component looks better huh?

    Yeah, mines running in 480p aswell and theres definitely a difference...I checked. Believe me, I'm really anal about stuff like this
  8. Wing Island

    I found the N64 one better than the SNES one
  9. Wario Ware review

    How can people say th Multiplayer is bad. I dare you to play that Hot Potato-esque one with 4 people and not have barrels of laughs
  10. Wing Island

    COme on Nintendo...release Pilotwings Wii so we don't have to buy this for our relaxing flight games
  11. I'll go against logic with this one

    Earlier I tried going back to Wind Waker yesterday...it just didnt feel tright. The controls didnt feel natural
  12. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    The GAME near here had a few RGB cables when I went to get WarioWare on Friday. No Component cables tho...luckily Gameplay sent me mine
  13. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Ah that makes sense. Anyway I'm happy with it as is. I tried Wii Sports out and there werent that many jaggies so I'm happy
  14. I'll go against logic with this one

    I have an LCD and my Wii on Composite looked awesome. Got my Component today and it looks even better. I dont see why you think LCD makes it look worse
  15. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Well I did pop Wind Waker in and saw it was much much sharper...over time I'll just lower the sharpness but I can live with it as it is I do notice though that some games do have a crazy black border on the left and right when they didnt on composite but im guessing thats a 480p issue
  16. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Did that, still not enough room. Have boughtr some extenders tho so now it should work Just started playing Wario Ware, earlier i tested with Zelda but this is relaly so much cleaner and crisper and I'm not noticing "Jaggies" as you guys claim
  17. Wario Ware review

    Wheres the sound test o0
  18. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Well thats good, i like the visual change but they didnt make the cables long enough for my audio to go into my decoder for my 5.1 Annoyingly, the decoder is right below my tv in the form of my DVD player and they still wont reach Thanks Nintendo, back to Composite I go
  19. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Well gameplay have shipped mine...dunno if i'll like the difference as it will be a shrink in resolution (am running on 50hz/576i and it looks great). But still, if I still ran it in 50hz with component, the picture would still be clearer would it not?
  20. If they did forget about it for a week, we wouldnt get Xevious
  21. I'll go against logic with this one

    Dont forget, the DS started out with many gimmick and partyish games. Now its come into its own
  22. I'll go against logic with this one

    Yes but thats failure only in the view of hardcore fans not in the view of Business. Actual failure would be Nintendo being in the red, in serious debt and pulling out of the console business
  23. I'll go against logic with this one

    I'm sorry? Which company is actually making money? Is it Nintendo, Microsoft Game Studios or SCE? Last I checked Nintendo was making the money while the other two were in the red Can you really say they have bad business sense? You need to learn, Good Business sense isn't about pleasing the hardcore fans. It's about making money and thats what Nintendo do
  24. I'll go against logic with this one

    motio2000, you're making it seem like we're all saying the Wii's graphics are awesome and the best ever. Nobody has ever said that
  25. I'll go against logic with this one

    My problem with supposedly realistic HD graphics on the 360 and PS3 is that they just made them ultra shiny to make them look better...it really doesnt work