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  1. ExciteTruck

    The Automatic - Monster is a good track to play during this :p
  2. ExciteTruck

    My only issue with this game is sometimes when I'm playing, even if I've been turning, I try to use the D Pad to go left or right and end up blowing my engine :p
  3. ExciteTruck

    How the hell can people say this game has bad graphics. They're gorgeous Seems weird playing it with Gary Jules - Mad World in the background. Was fitting for my slideshows...now its just weird haha
  4. Heatseeker

    Indeed. This game does look nice graphically. If you think otherwise, then its your eyes that are the problem
  5. Heatseeker

    Sweet. With games like this its a crime against humanity not to be widescreen
  6. Heatseeker

    This game is looking pretty damned sweet No Widescreen though?
  7. Stars Burning out?

    Has this actually been confirmed?
  8. Heatseeker

    WTF No Multiplayer? Damn, I was hoping there would be
  9. Stars Burning out?

    That means I can get almost 4,000 Wii Points from my stars Not bad
  10. Nintendo Fixes Star Issue!

    Woot Although I wasn't fussed...I know some people were...but more Wii Points for me later on
  11. Wii-mote 2?

    Nobody's saying that they should make it 1080p 720p is a viable Hi-Definition resolution...not that much bigger than the resolutions we have at the moment But damn you Nintendo...I got 4 Wiimotes >
  12. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Component cables didnt make things worse on my tv. The games looked awesome as it is on Composite...now they look sharper and more colourful and there is much less fragmentation on the Virtual Console games
  13. Wii: Not As Quiet As Iwata Promised?

    I only got those noises when, after putting my component cable in, I had inadvertantly moved the stand so it was blocking the air flow...when I fixed it, the noises have stopped
  14. Wario Ware review

    Does anyone else have problems with it recognising the Samurai motions?
  15. New info on the Stargate movies

    Apparently they're trying to get him for at least one of them. No news on if they have or not. But apparently he's in an episode airing on sky in a couple of weeks I'm personally looking forward to these. I would have prefered they can Atlantis (which I love, don't get me wrong) and carried on SG1. SG1 has been more consistently good, although its had its bad episodes...what series hasn't. I also don't see why everyone is so fixated on O'Neill, saying the show needs him...it doesnt. Season 9 was pretty good and Season 10 has brought some of the best episodes ever made for Stargate...its continually improving
  16. New Game Annoucement...Soon!

    Dont forget it may not even be nintendo franchise...in which case...Half Life :p
  17. New Game Annoucement...Soon!

  18. I'll go against logic with this one

    I'm trying to make a point. People are saying that the Wii is just a gamecube repackaged...that couldn't be further from the truth. I am stating these statistics to show these people that they are wrong...I do not give a rats arse whether it makes me look smarter or not, I am just fed up with general ignorance by people who do not know what they are on about
  19. I'll go against logic with this one

    Wow based on the same processor...wow therefore it must be identical. I should have known...all these games that use the Unreal Engine and are based on it are actually exactly the same as well. All things based on other things are identical. OH THE HUMANITY. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS LORD WHY?
  20. I'll go against logic with this one

    The Cube Processor clocks in at 485MHz. The Wii's clocks in at approx. 730MHz Yep, the same processor indeed. FOR SHAME NINTENDO. YOU HAVE MADE TWO THINGS WHICH ARE DIFFERENT IDENTICAL. HOW DARE YOU
  21. I'll go against logic with this one

    Umm, need i remind you all that the Wii is actually technologally superior to the Cube. It has a faster processor, better GPU etc. Its not just a reboxed Cube
  22. I'll go against logic with this one

    Actually on Spec Sheets the PS2 was the weakest of the three last gen games consoles and the graphics on the games reflected as much
  23. I'll go against logic with this one

    Oish. There is improvement over the damned gamecube...you're a broken record I swear
  24. I'll go against logic with this one

    Non-gamers ARE their core audience and have been for about a year now
  25. I'll go against logic with this one

    Does the term "opinion" mean anything to you? I also don't think I'm a real gamer, I'm not so pathetically vain that I care about games as if they're my life. They're something I do when I'm bored and from that, its the gameplay that matters...when you're bored...looking at good visuals is very low in the priority scale. And if you think they're worse than gamecube graphics...you need to go to the opticians. The graphics aren't that blurry...ITS YOUR EYES