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  1. House buying is the worst

    Waiting to hear back from the mortgage people as everything is contingent on them now. I want to get this sorted and be in at the end of the month, which is the seller's goal.
  2. Super Mario Run (iOS/Android)

    Never mind, did it haha
  3. Super Mario Run (iOS/Android)

    Struggling on 1-2. Can't get more than 360 strangely
  4. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    I can't help but think this show would be far more curious if it was set after Voyager. Due to the fact that it's pre-TOS we know that what they're working on won't work since it doesn't exist in future iterations and we know how the war will go.
  5. House buying is the worst

    Had the value and survey done. My friend was right and they are like full obdy scans and you see every flaw with the house and panic sets in. However, the mortgage people didn't inform the surveyor that it was underpinned so they have to send him in again -_- Just when I thought everything would go smoothly. The sellers want to finalise around end of October, but if this doesn't happen fast...
  6. SNES Classic Mini

    Really enjoying Star Fox 2 on it
  7. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    Yeah. I just hope they keep the balance
  8. Your End Of Year Switch/3DS Games

    Starfox 2 Zelda BotW DLC Super Mario Odyssey Sonic Forces Rocket League Pokémon Ultra Sun Pokémon Ultra Moon Lady Layton probably at Christmas, but what with house stuff, I imagine I'll have boring functional presents this year Unsure about Xenoblade though. I only got into Xenoblade Chronicles due to its sci-fi leaning.
  9. How next gen Pokémon games should look?

    I think Pokémon keeping the anime/artwork style rather than going for an air of realism as seen in Pokkén is for the best
  10. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    Gave it a watch. Definitely a strong starter, just worry this'll be too action focused like AbramsTrek and not true Star Trek, but it show signs of the allegories we expect from proper Trek so let's see if its momentum continues
  11. How next gen Pokémon games should look?

    Pokkén adds fur to everything. Decidueye shouldn't have fur, it has feathers. Darkrai shouldn't have fur.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    Girlfriend's housemate's cat got run over today Knew it since it was born, had discussions of taking ownership of her in the near future Best cat. She thought she was a dog. Please be vigilant when driving
  13. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Season 1 wasn't bad, but had issues. Season 2 got a bit better but had a lot of crap in the middle. Season 3 was great, but was clearly a representation of post 9/11 American TV. Season 4 had a new showrunner and was pure unadulterated Star Trek with very little of the time travel stuff. Give it a go again. Start with Season 2 Episode 26 and move onwards. Though really I'd say watch it all, but if Season 1 made you drop, much of Season 2 wouldn't give you much confidence but there is some gold in there.
  14. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Come on now. It's not that bad. Hell, Season 4 was incredible. Pretty much all 21 episodes (yeah I don't count the last episode trainwreck)
  15. All done. Found all the stuff. Took 10 hours, sure, but still. All done
  16. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Enterprise actually made the Borg good and scary again in my opinion, but then killed it once more when Phlox managed to cure assimilation.
  17. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Not just Voyager but the Top 8 episodes are all Borg related...
  18. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Many things about TOS just don't hold up these days. Most of TNG holds up even 30 years later but TOS is majorly dated
  19. General Switch Discussion

    What variation do they bring though? The PS4 and Xbox One are pretty homogeneous. Microsoft's first party offerings have been fewer and further between now too. There is pretty much no reason to own both a PS4 and an Xbox One, and that sucks. At the start of the generation, I was hoping all offerings had something unique to them to make them worth it, but Microsoft quickly changed the XBO to be more standard.
  20. General Switch Discussion

    As a one last attempt to regain the foothold?
  21. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah and it's not getting better. Microsoft have already begun the process of shifting their software to PC and the Xbox One is essentially a mini PC. It's the future.
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Xbox One X isn't a successor though. I honestly don't see Microsoft continuing with dedicated consoles. They've always been fighting an uphill battle with heads of Microsoft to prove Xbox's worth. It has been a huge money drain and I don't think they've even made back what they lost in the first 5 or so years of Xbox. Having Microsoft's name out there was probably able to convince the heads that it's good publicity for the Microsoft name, but now the Xbox One isn't doing well at all then that's not the case either. I can see Microsoft dropping out, pushing their games to Windows 10 (as they're already doing) and using the Xbox name for prebuilt PCs akin to Steam boxes in the future.
  23. Super Mario Odyssey

    Yes it is