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  1. Christmas Swag Lists

    And add this
  2. Christmas Swag Lists

    Early still but my girlfriend got me these among other more practical things
  3. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    Their game engine struggles on the 3DS because the models are too complex though... their engine is already HD ready, that's why it runs like ass. Just plop some better textures on and you have a beautiful Pokémon game that will run well on a Switch Also assuming the job listing is for Pokémon Switch is a bit illogical. Don't forget that Creatures Inc. do a lot of their own stuff
  4. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    Don't get your hopes up. Also why would UE4 be better than their own engine?
  5. Portal Bridge Constructor

    I will be all over this when it launches
  6. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop)

    Going to be shiny hunting my Shiny Celebi on stream
  7. House buying is the worst

    Why is everything so expensive. Why must curtains cost like £70 for a pair? What the frak is with being a grownup? Blergh
  8. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    Detective Pikachu can't use moves so nope
  9. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    Indeed. It's a choice that makes sense, unlike Danny Devito
  10. House buying is the worst

    My girlfriend has moved her stuff in so far, I won't be doing mine until Internet is installed due to the requirements for my job She has so much stuff, it's insane. Unfortunately, the sofa her mum gave us won't fit properly
  11. House buying is the worst

    And I'm now officially a home owner Crazy
  12. House buying is the worst

    Money all sent. Easily the most expensive thing I have ever bought. Now just the faff of getting internet, curtains, furniture etc.
  13. House buying is the worst

    Gives more money to spend on the house
  14. House buying is the worst

    No longer angry about the delays haha
  15. House buying is the worst

    Finally exchanged today, completion next week. Had some final faff due to conveyancers suddenly deciding they needed more stuff. Best thing is, the Tories just abolished stamp duty Just saved a good few grand.
  16. Super Mario Odyssey

    Do it on the moped
  17. Super Mario Odyssey

    Volleyball is just a pain because it takes forever to get going
  18. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    Basically checking if the values people create are valid. It's possible to create Pokémon that don't have anything wrong, but people are lazy and miss bits
  19. Super Mario Odyssey

    Got over 100. Never again do I have to touch that
  20. Super Mario Odyssey

    Finished the story. Great fun Now onto the postgame, and from the get-go...holy...
  21. Super Mario Odyssey

    Pretty much, yeah
  22. Super Mario Odyssey

    Finally got my hands on it and really enjoying it. Though it's the first time 'm truly experiencing the JoyCon issues and they keep pissing me off
  23. For god's sake man, you do not tell someone you love them on the first date
  24. Super Mario Odyssey

    You son of a... Where'd you order from? I need to order USUM from there Edit: Never mind
  25. 15 minutes long Switch & 3DS will not be discussed. No other mobile games will be discussed