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  1. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    Ash has gone further in a league than Gary ever did
  2. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    To be fair, it's not Ash-Lycanroc.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Got these. Actually got some great pulls from them
  4. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    It's locked to being between the tropics along the equator, yeah
  5. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I think you're in range of Corsola
  6. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I have done a total of 17 Legendary raids 4 Lugia 4 Articuno 5 Moltres. I currently have 2 Lugia, 1 Articuno and 2 Moltres.
  7. https://www.serebii.net/amiibo/smash/pikachu.shtml Well that's not true
  8. After years of people asking them to do more with amiibo, they do this haha. It's quite amusing
  9. A wild Birthday appeared!

    Thanks guys Had a good day. Went out Pokémon GO hunting with Marti and finally got an Articuno, with just three days to go Got a good haul of presents. From Marti: From my Brother From my Sister And most notably, from my parents and something I'm sure @Cube will appreciate...
  10. General Switch Discussion

    All we know is that it's under 2.21 million
  11. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Not yet, but with the ARKit in iOS 11, it will
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Sales data Switch is at 4.7 million Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is at 3.54 million Zelda BotW Switch is at 3.92 million ARMS is at 1.18 million
  13. amiibo (NFC)

    I wasn't intending on getting the Splatoon amiibo, but my girlfriend accidentally ordered 2 sets (she forgot to cancel the GAME ones) so I bought them off her... I have too many
  14. Marvel's Phase Three

    Dude, Agents of SHIELD gets so good. Season 4 is one of the best seasons of superhero shows ever to exist
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Damn straight
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Ironically it's in DeNA's DNA Also, Multiplayer experiences with friends are the core aspect of Nintendo's strategies. They just prefer people to play locally
  17. General Switch Discussion

    Well the Switch really is densely packed internally. Plus what if it's docked
  18. General Switch Discussion

    You know that's a third party solution right? Nintendo's solution is just a phone
  19. General Switch Discussion

    I get why they brought it out now. It's just so unfortunate that it's not the full package and has those two major issues. I just don't get how they brought DeNA in and this happened
  20. General Switch Discussion

    ] Nintendo do need to sort elements of this out. Make it so the app doesn't kill it when certain things come up and so forth. I do get why they've gone the app route, but they need to improve the app considerably. It's not as doomsaying or "backwards" as people make it out to be
  21. General Switch Discussion

    I do completely understand why this stuff is shifted away from the Switch and into the app. I mean it's ridiculous but I get it. They just needed to make sure the app proved its worth and, unfortunately, it's not the case right now. Everything else about the Switch's online is fine with me though
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Well thankfully the app isn't a necessity for the game. You could easily play the game without ever knowing it exists
  23. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah don't forget that this is a limited simple version of the app and the full service will come next year