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  1. DS/DSi General Discussion

    Unfortunately, I have no idea. Do different brightness levels not make it less noticable? I usually keep mine on medium or lower, because there's a light leak at the top right of the touch screen.
  2. DS/DSi General Discussion

    This happened to a lot of Lites. It isn't a fault as such but it isn't normal.
  3. DS/DSi General Discussion

    I'm on the DSi Browser now and if I move the box around black text fast enough it does leave a short black trail noticable for a few milliseconds after movement. Don't worry, PSP 1000 and 2000 have a bit of ghosting, the 3000 screen tried to rectify it and ended up having scan lines display instead. Anyway, as long as there aren't permeanant big black splodges on your screen, don't worry about it. Hope I've helped. Will you do me a favour and check if your left hinge clicks up and down slightly when pushed/pulled?
  4. DS/DSi General Discussion

    Is that a real condition, or was it a joke? I do have some weird mental problems when it comes to the condition of my stuff/consoles. I think I have OCD or something. Regardless, thanks for your input, you've eased my mind a bit. Would you mind easing my mind a bit more by convincing me not to worry so much about this kind of stuff? Apologies to anyone offended by me being a mentally ill wreck.
  5. DS/DSi General Discussion

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it. I ask weird questions, I know, but I'm also curious about this; on the Lite, when you open it and the top half clicks into the default playing position, it does literally click, you feel it and hear it. On my DSi it just smoothly (kind of) goes into place, and when in this position the top half is a tad wobbly and loose. Petty things I know, I just find solace in knowing my DSi is normal. Thankyou for any further feedback.
  6. DS/DSi General Discussion

    Hi guys, can some other DSi owners help me out? My left hinge is a bit loose. If I push the left side of the front of the DSi up it clicks up by like a millimeter, and clicks back down if pushed down. It's far from broke, and I'd rather it be loose than overtightened, but I just want to know if this is normal.