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  1. This place man.

  2. That Rummy, what a Sony fanboy.

  3. I heard this was the place for us to all get together and insult each other.

  4. Erm, thanks I think!

  5. Meh. James is usually late. Just sorting some stuff out then I'll be heading off.

  6. Holy fuck you're right. Which is weird, since it's a desktop one.

  7. Haven't found the mic yet. It's not in my usual "miscellaneous electrical crap" drawer. I shall keep looking.

  8. My bad, phone was on airplane mode. Will check for mic after I've had a bath.

  9. Cheers for letting me know. Will probably get it once I can afford it.

  10. Yeah that's pretty similar to what I have. Not sure if it's as wide as mine though. Mine was advertised as a fish eye filter, not a wide angle filter. Probably the same though!

  11. Oh my god. Do want.


    I've seen the Beetle one before, but it looked a bit crap to me. The camper on the other hand is awesome.

  12. K, will do. Probably head off in about half hour or so. Got to get petrol on the way.

  13. Yeah should be if it's still ok? Will hopefully head off in a bit once I've finished a few things here.

  14. Hope not!


    We're meeting at the Go Kart track for 10:15.

  15. If it's both, my guess would be that the mirror isn't aligned right. The only thing the preview sensor and the viewfinder share is the mirror, the little HUD thing and the lens, but it it were the lens, the normal sensor would be affected too. Can't see it being the HUD thing either, although I guess it's possible.

  16. Do you use the viewfinder or the screen to take pictures? If it's the viewfinder, there might be a little dial or something to adjust the view. If there is no dial, make sure nothing is loose. Failing that, see if your mirror is loose or if it can be adjusted. Just be careful though.


    If it's the screen, I have no idea. The screen should really show what the sensor sees, so any photos should be the same as the preview. Although I just googled the camera and it seems that it uses a different sensor for the liveview than for actually taking pictures. I'm guessing that could cause it, since the liveview sensor will be mounted in a different place, possibly causing a different perspective.


    Are both the screen preview and the viewfinder affected or just one? That might help narrow it down.


    All this is only a guess though.

  17. I finished work early. Which is strange considering we're still busy and working both days at the weekend. Oh well.


    On a related note, I don't think I can make it this weekend again. I'm working/going to Middleton Music Festival tomorrow and working most of the day Sunday. Busy time should be over soon though. Schools break up 22nd July.

  18. 6 previous owners isn't the end of the world. Just take a look at it before you buy it. If it looks like a shitter, don't bid.

  19. I see what you did there.

  20. Por Que? 10char.

  21. I think I prefer the white one. Just looks cleaner.

  22. Nice. I saw the first one in the shirts thread. Just checked out the second on RB. Looks good to me!

  23. The 5D is a full frame camera, meaning it has a bigger sensor (than the 60D), which is better for low light photography. I'm looking at becoming a wedding photographer, so I need to be able to cope with dark churches, where you can't use flash. I basically need a camera with the best sensor for low light.


    Also, the 5D has good noise reduction on the higher ISOs, which will also help with darker settings. Don't know about the 60D though. Some comparison shots on DPReview seem to show that the 5D is a little bit better at high ISOs.


    It's also made of better material, so it'll take a few knocks when I'm urbexing. Although admittedly, I probably won't take £1700 worth of camera into a derelict building!

  24. Can't remember now. Less than 10 episodes I think.