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  1. Mobile Phone Chat

    The Android is made by HTC, isn't it?
  2. Mobile Phone Chat

    That's cool, but she wants something with a QWERTY keypad.
  3. Mobile Phone Chat

    I've got a Sony Xperia X1 and I've really happy with it, but my Mrs. finds the keypad hard to use with her false nails on. She'd like a QWERTY mobile, but doesn't like the Blackberry type pad. I've heard bad things about HTC, but have no real evidence that they're that bad. Has anyone got any long term experience with HTC phones?
  4. SD Card Help Really Annoying

    Did you sort it, ReZourceman? I'm thinking of buying some SDHC memory, but I'm not too sure about whether it'll work in my Sony Xperia phone. I've been on the Sony forums but they're a bit crap! Any advice?