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  1. oh easily, i mean, the PPU can do so much, yeah you can make a cpu do the same thign, but its soo much work in comparison however this is probably just a dream till the next next generation
  2. yes the board is meant for speculation, but speculation is fun we do know a lot, just not a lot of useful things (other then the flash memory, and the controller, and the massive BC)
  3. and physics i'd sacrifice graphics for a PPU, get some kick as realistic physics in there that would be awesome
  4. nintendo have stated the graphics will be on par or better than the competition, remember they have a little long to get the thing together, so they could in theory, take the 360's specs 6months down the road, where there will be an easier/cheaper/less heat making version, as well as the technologies iwata has said about makign it run quieter and faster... looking at a load of 360 trailers, while very nice, apart from the forest in oblivion, nothing really makes me think 'wow, we really need this now!' its just another upgrade, and i'm sure nintendo will keep check and for the noobs; forget cube-mapping, you don't knwo what it does, and there will be many more tech's that will be useful
  5. *yawn* fanboys need to read it properly, its a 2 parter where he will do the opposite next issue you people really annoy me sometimes
  6. when people talk about gameplay they miss a specific thing smooth gameplay if something moves nicely, feels right and overall gives the feeling that you should get from the game, then the graphics are secondary mario64, while the graphics were great for its time, it was the smooth and solid gameplay that made the game the rev will easily be around the 360, and i'm willing to bet that even in HD, they won't be ALL that different, and i have seen a true HD set up, its nice, but not as great as everybody keeps trying to make out
  7. people should really stop going on about the shell
  8. LOL, cell? erm, this is OWNED by sony, so your a liar from the get go, someone lock this topic
  9. linked form P-A but very good read: http://lostgarden.com/2005/09/nintendos-genre-innovation-strategy.html take a look, makes a lot of sense to me
  10. stop whining, people will have their own pinions ffs
  11. yes i do mean perry, he is a joke in the gaming world, check out the P-A forums for some real industry prats to slag off
  12. you do realise that there is only one or 2 noteworthy peopl eon that list? one doesn't like it because its not his idea (and he hates metroid as retro fired him before they made it) and most of them are hardly insiders, some aren't even in the industry anymore reality check: EA, capcom, square, konomi, sega, namco and ubisoft (among a handful of others) are the ones that matter, on top of the indie devs if they like it, everybody out there will follow
  13. the mario guitar is cooler, but that is fun to watch
  14. all you have to remember about size is: new games are about 1MB MAX (is that) and zelda OOT was a 37MB file, thats music and all 500MB will go a logn way
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