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  1. Heroes Season 3 *Beware of Spoilers*

    Episode 20 was really good and a welcome change of writers as everything seemed to make more sense and the episode as a whole was less of a guessing game. Hopefully Fuller will continue this welcome new trend of good episodes!

    Rorschach cries in the comic/novel at the end, not at his own death, his is something as you say he does not care about as he puts in his journal. He is crying for several reasons i believe, for starters his friends have abandoned him, his beliefs in moral justice and in a way they have given up on the world and given in to a terrorist. Lastly he's appalled that the state of the world has come down to this. Despite his cold hard, insane exterior Rorschach cares about the world and the good people in it, there is only good and evil no grey areas.
  3. Lurrrrkeeeeers

    I like just browsing and reading, generally logged in though also typing a message takes more effort than reading, and I'm lazy!
  4. Reggie talks MMO and Mii Options

    Zelda MMO would be good if done correctly, could make it so you choose a race (hylian, goron, zora deku maybe) travelling around hyrule doing quests and the like.
  5. No DVD Playback On Wii?

    Although for many of us the lack of a DVD player doesn't bother us. For alot of people it will be like an extra selling feature as it was with the PS2/Xbox last generation. You may say that this is a totally new generation but little 'gimmicks' like that can attract a lot of attention.
  6. I managed to pick up a preowned copy earlier this week, wanted this game for ages. I strolled into my local gamestation went up to the preowned part and there right in front of me was 5 copies of this game. Was well chuffed cost me £22 so cheap comparatively. The first person view kinda sucks, im at the part with the bad ass tank at the moment and finding it hard to hold down the 'z' button to shoot down the gunner. Not only does it give you hand cramp if you hold it down long enough but i find if i take a little pressure off of the button i come out of first person. Apart from this annoying factor the game is great and i recommend it.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Sitting here listening to the rain hitting the ground with occasional rumbles of thunder.
  8. With all this talk of old people playing games i thought i should mention that in my guild on WoW there is a player who is 60+ so saying there arent many older gamers isnt true
  9. I have one, it was good for about 6 months then it became 'corrupted' occasionaly it works and sometimes it doesn't. I think its something to do with the metal strip making contact so i would assume its a design flaw. Hopefully this won't happen to you, although you don't actually lose the data it can just become annoying after a while
  10. Virtual Console Promtional Image

    Dunno wether anyone mentioned this but... ALEX KIDD!!! hes like right at the front, that game was what started me playing games therefore i love it.
  11. RPG Maker 2000/03/Xp

    Yeh i love RPG maker toyed around with it back in 2000 for a while and got about half way through an RPG, got a bit bored of it though due to the restrictions and the fact alot of things on it didn't work. This makes me wanna start up again though...
  12. i read the first one as son as you posted but i forgot about them. just came on and saw this and now ive read like 5 of them i waant more, more i tell you! Great comics once again Sprout.
  13. E3 2006 Hype/Discussion

    Mmmmmm E3 *drools* i'm just excited about the thing as a whole the hype leading up to it, the things that will be revealed the aftermath everything ahhhhh i love E3!!! Nice vid by the way Echo really funny
  14. Crystal Chronicles This Year

    This sounds promising the original could of been such a good game but it was flawed by the repetitiveness (is that a word?) of each year of the game. Hopefuly they will have thought of a way around this. If its online ooo i really can't wait. E3 can't come soon enough!